Selected Essays

Legenda book series


Each title in Selected Essays presents influential, but often scattered, papers by a major scholar in the Humanities. While these essays will, we hope, offer a model of scholarly writing, and chart the development of an important thinker in the field, the aim is not retrospective but to gather a coherent body of work as a tool for future research. Each volume contains a new introduction, framing the debate and reflecting on the methods used.

Selected Essays is curated by Professor Susan Harrow (University of Bristol).

Proposals. Titles are directly commissioned by the Legenda Editorial Board rather than arising from submitted proposals.

Review copies. Journals wishing to review books in this series should please contact to request copies.

History. Selected Essays began preparation in 2015, and arose from the success of earlier Legenda titles which had gathered important, scattered work by leading critics: notably Terence Cave's Retrospectives, Matthew Reynolds's Likenesses, and the Selected Essays of Malcolm Bowie. The series was announced on 1 October 2016, the day on which MHRA became Legenda's sole owner for the first time.