The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature 98: Survey Year 2023 1 December 2024

Reading Bachmann Now
Edited by Andrea Capovilla, Katya Krylova and Marlen Mairhofer 
Austrian Studies 321 December 2024

Austria and Film in the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Katya Krylova and Dora Osborne 
Austrian Studies 331 December 2025

A Sixteenth-Century Arthurian Romance: L’Hystoire de Giglan filz de messire Gauvain qui fut roy de Galles. Et de Geoffroi de Maience son compaignon.
Edited by Caroline A. Jewers 
Critical Texts 1931 March 2025

Alexis Piron, Fernand-Cortés
Translated by Derek Connon 
Critical Texts 2830 June 2024

Comte d'Ételan, Works
Edited by Paul Scott 
Critical Texts 32

Jean Donneau de Visé, 'Les Intrigues de la loterie, comédie'
Edited by Peter William Shoemaker 
Critical Texts 45

A Critical Edition of Abraham Fraunce's The Arcadian Rhetoric (c.1588)
Edited by Elena Domínguez 
Critical Texts 52

Metáfora del cuerpo en fuga by Ángela Hernández Núñez
Edited by Solymar Torres-García 
Critical Texts 54

George Moore: Confessions of a Young Man
Edited by Matthew Creasy 
Critical Texts 66 / Jewelled Tortoise 530 September 2024

Lionel Johnson: Selected Poetry and Prose
Edited by Sarah Green 
Critical Texts 73 / Jewelled Tortoise 931 December 2025

George Chapman, The Shadow of Night (1594) and Ovid’s Banquet of Sense (1595): A Modern-Spelling Critical Edition
Edited by Zenón Luis-Martínez 
Critical Texts 7431 December 2025

Thomas Lodge, Scilla’s Metamorphosis (1589): A Modern-Spelling Critical Edition
Edited by Sonia Hernández-Santano 
Critical Texts 7531 March 2025

Thomas Lodge, Phillis (1593): A Modern-Spelling Critical Edition
Edited by Cinta Zunino-Garrido 
Critical Texts 7731 December 2025

Michael Drayton, England’s Heroical Epistles (1597): A Modern-Spelling Critical Edition
Edited by Juan Manuel Camacho Ramos 
Critical Texts 7931 March 2026

L. Onerva, Mirdja: A Decadent New Woman
Edited by Viola Parente-Čapková and Translated by Eva Buchwald 
Critical Texts 81 / Jewelled Tortoise 1131 March 2025

Ella Hepworth Dixon: Sidelights on the Feminine Temperament and Other Short Stories
Edited by Valerie Fehlbaum 
Critical Texts 83 / Jewelled Tortoise 1231 March 2025

Jean-François Ducis, Hamlet
Edited by Joseph Harris 
Critical Texts 8531 March 2025

Los Lusíadas: Episodes from the Translations of Bento Caldeira, Luis Gómez de Tapia, and Henrique Garcés
Edited by Thomas Clark 
European Translations 7

El pastor fido by Isabel Correa
Edited by Noelia Pousada-Lobeira 
European Translations 831 March 2025

Italian Literature in Latin Translation, Volume I: An Anthology 1300–1800: Poetry
Edited by Francesco Lucioli 
European Translations 9/1 of 231 December 2025

Italian Literature in Latin Translation, Volume II: An Anthology 1300–1800: Prose
Edited by Francesco Lucioli 
European Translations 9/2 of 231 December 2026

Yvan Goll: The Thwarted Pursuit of the Whole
Robert Vilain 
Germanic Literatures 14

Renaissance Linguistics in Italy and in Europe
Mirko Tavoni 
Italian Perspectives 411 September 2024

Alan of Lille and Dante: Divine Predication from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Century
Gabriella Addivinola 
Italian Perspectives 6128 June 2024