Cover of Franz Grillparzer’s Dramatic Heroines
GL 12018
Cover of Metamorphosis in Modern German Literature
GL 92016
Cover of Comedy and Trauma in Germany and Austria after 1945
GL 102016
Cover of E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Orient
GL 112016
Cover of Structures of Subjugation in Dutch Literature
GL 122016
Cover of Isak Dinesen Reading Søren Kierkegaard
GL 132017
Cover of Foreign Parts
GL 152017
Cover of Paul Celan’s Unfinished Poetics
GL 162018
Cover of Encounters with Albion
GL 172018
Cover of The Law of Poetry
GL 182019
Cover of Georg Hermann
GL 192019
Cover of Confrontational Readings
GL 212020
Cover of Childhood, Memory, and the Nation
GL 232020
Cover of Affective Spaces
GL 242021
Cover of Futurism
IP 362017
Cover of Chivalry, Academy, and Cultural Dialogues
IP 372016
Cover of Fulvio Tomizza
IP 382018
Cover of Rome
IP 392018
Cover of A 'New' Woman in Verga and Pirandello
IP 402018
Cover of Unidentified Narrative Objects and the New Italian Epic
IP 422019
Cover of Forms of Thinking in Leopardi’s <i>Zibaldone</i>
IP 432019
Cover of Italy and the USA
IP 442019
Cover of Spatial Plots
IP 452021
Cover of Renaissance Vegetarianism
IP 462020
Cover of Saracens and their World in Boiardo and Ariosto
IP 472020
Cover of Venetian Inscriptions
IP 502021
Cover of The History of Language Learning and Teaching I
LGS vol 12018
Cover of The History of Language Learning and Teaching II
LGS vol 22018
Cover of The History of Language Learning and Teaching III
LGS vol 32018
Cover of Agnès Varda Unlimited
MI 62017
Cover of Thinking Cinema with Proust
MI 72018
Cover of Blanchot and the Moving Image
MI 82017
Cover of Chantal Akerman
MI 92019
Cover of Enlightenment and Religion in German and Austrian Literature
SE 12017
Cover of Perpetual Motion
SE 22017
Cover of Putting it About
SE 32019
Cover of Perspectives on Culture and Politics in the French Antilles
SE 42018
Cover of Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio
SE 62020
Cover of Brute Meaning
SE 92020
Cover of Spanish Culture from Romanticism to the Present
SE 112019
Cover of Contemporary Fictions
SE 122020
Cover of Adapting the Canon
T 12020
Cover of Zola and the Art of Television
T 32020
Cover of Minding Borders
T 52017
Cover of Memory Across Borders
T 62016
Cover of Erotic Literature in Adaptation and Translation
T 72018
Cover of Translating Petrarch's Poetry
T 82020
Cover of Prismatic Translation
T 102020
Cover of Reading Dante and Proust by Analogy
T 122019
Cover of The First English Translations of Molière
T 132020
Cover of The Foreign Connection
T 172020
Cover of André Chénier
T 242021