Recent Book Announcements

Whereas we publish books with a fanfare, it’s easy to miss announcements of new book projects, which come at irregular intervals throughout the working year. To make it easier to keep track, this page automatically lists the 50 titles most recently added to our catalogue, starting with the newest.

17 July 2024

Trauma, Ethics, Hermeneutics: Essays in Honour of Colin Davis
Helena Duffy and Avril Tynan
Legenda (General Series)

16 July 2024

The Tremors of Translation: An Edition of Voltaire's Poème sur le désastre de Lisbonne (1756)
Clive Scott
Transcript 36

15 July 2024

Minorities in Germanophone World Literature: Touching Tales of Lion Feuchtwanger and Abbas Khider
Franziska Wolf
Germanic Literatures 31

German Political Tragedy: The Machiavellian Plot and the Necessary Crime
Ritchie Robertson
Germanic Literatures 32

The German National Imagination from the Early Modern Period to the Present: Cultural Identities in a Changing Landscape
Edited by Charlotte Woodford, Anita Bunyan and Margarete Tiessen
Germanic Literatures 33

Nature After Romanticism: German Literary Explorations of the Natural World 1820-1850
Gesa Jessen
Germanic Literatures 34

Now Feed Yourself: Anglo-American and Italian Scholarship on Dante
Edited by Zygmunt G. Barański, Theodore J. Cachey, Jr., and Anna Pegoretti
Italian Perspectives 63

Marguerite Duras and Claire Denis: Cinema at the Edge of the Political
Katie Pleming
Moving Image 17

The Plasticity of Film: Self, Ethics and the Image in Transformation
Michael Grace
Moving Image 18

French Cinema: Stars and Histories
Edited by Stuart Bell, Mary Harrod, and Alastair Phillips
Moving Image 19

Ronsard's Epic Clouds and Ghosts: Illusions and Idoles in Early Modern French Literature
Alice Aurelia Roullière
Research Monographs in French Studies 70

Communication, Relevance, and Power in Montaigne’s Essais
Marina Perkins
Research Monographs in French Studies 72

The Lives of Vidocq: Criminality, Celebrity and the Novel in Nineteenth-Century France
Emma Bielecki
Research Monographs in French Studies 73

Colette’s Journalism: Genre and Rhetoric in the Chroniques
Anne Freadman
Research Monographs in French Studies 74

Aspirations to Silence: The Totemization and Alleged Decline of the French ‘aspirate’ H
John N. Green and Marie-Anne Hintze
Research Monographs in French Studies 75

Seas Unsailed: Women, Writing and Film in the Portuguese-Speaking World
Hilary Owen
Selected Essays 17

Film Comedy and Spain: Humour, Genre, and the Nation 1970-2020
Matthew Hilborn
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 61

Digital Media, Memory and Heritage in Contemporary Rio de Janeiro: Reproducing the Past for the Present
Victoria Adams
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 62

Prophetic Echoes in Rosa Chacel
Geraldine Lawless
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 64

Global Colour: Literary Space and the Achronotope
Richard Hibbitt
Studies In Comparative Literature 59

Urban Interconnections: Ecocritical Readings of the City in Matilde Serao and Émile Zola
Sophie Maddison
Studies In Comparative Literature 60

The History of French Literature on BBC Television
Kate Griffiths and Andrew Watts
Transcript 30

Staging Germanness in Contemporary British Theatre
Joseph Prestwich
Transcript 33

Diaspora Reads: Community, Identity, and Russian Literaturocentrism
Angelos Theocharis
Transcript 35

The Tender Translator: Olga Tokarczuk Across Languages
Edited by Kasia Szymanska and Joanna Trzeciak Huss
Transcript 9

Photo-texts From Below: Collectivist Dispatches from the 21st-Century French Margins
Andy Stafford
Visual Culture 8

29 June 2024

Regionalisms and Resistance in the Twentieth-Century Portuguese Novel: Spatialized Ideologies
Peter Haysom-Rodríguez
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 63

16 June 2024

Italo Calvino and Japan: A Journey through the Shallow Depths of Signs
Claudia Dellacasa
Italian Perspectives 62

10 June 2024

Translation Landscapes: Contemporary Galician Fiction in English
Laura Linares
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 60

Modernist Mediascapes: Illustration, Print Culture and the Matter of Books
Sophie Aymes
Visual Culture 9

7 June 2024

Crossing Frontiers: Essays on Translation and Comparative Literature
Susan Bassnett
Selected Essays 14

Re-Viewing the Canon: Feminist Readings of German Literature from the Age of Goethe to the Present
Elizabeth Boa
Selected Essays 15

8 May 2024

Vernon Lee's Cosmopolitan Prose: A Translated Selection
Translated and edited by Colton Valentine
Jewelled Tortoise 14

Locating Memory in Contemporary Basque Literature: Moving Past Patria
Thomas Olver
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 65

23 April 2024

Carl Sternheim, The Beginning of the Twentieth Century: A Chronicle
Translated by Fred Bridgham
New Translations 22

18 March 2024

The Integrity of the Avant-Garde: Karel Teige and the Biography of an Ambition
Peter Zusi
Visual Culture 2

29 February 2024

The Sense of Fracture in Goliarda Sapienza and Elena Ferrante: Fragile Selves, Fragile Others
Rebecca Walker
Italian Perspectives 64

17 February 2024

MHRA Style Guide: Fourth Edition (2024)
Edited by Chloe Paver
MHRA Style Guide

10 February 2024

Leo Ferrero, The Diary of a Privileged Man under Fascism
Edited and translated by Joseph Kelly
New Translations 21

13 December 2023

Walter Benjamin’s Calderón: Literary Criticism and the Baroque
Jacobo de Camps
Studies In Comparative Literature 58

2 December 2023

Writing the Body
Edited by Rachel Hayes and Caitlin Sturrock
MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities 19

30 October 2023

Maria Janitschek: A Modern Woman: Stories and Poems
Edited by Lea Felicitas Döding
Jewelled Tortoise 13

29 August 2023

Alexis Piron, Fernand-Cortés
Translated by Derek Connon
Critical Texts 28

24 July 2023

Children and Parents in Medieval Welsh Law
Edited by Sara Elin Roberts
MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh Literature 7

10 July 2023

Languages of Punishment: Translating Foucault into English and German
Melissa Pawelski
Research Monographs in French Studies 71

26 June 2023

Italian Literature in Latin Translation, Volume I: An Anthology 1300–1800: Poetry
Edited by Francesco Lucioli
European Translations 9/1 of 2

Italian Literature in Latin Translation, Volume II: An Anthology 1300–1800: Prose
Edited by Francesco Lucioli
European Translations 9/2 of 2

7 April 2023

James Joyce’s Music Performed: The ‘Sirens’ Fugue in Experimental Re-Translation
Arianna Autieri
Transcript 34

30 March 2023

El pastor fido by Isabel Correa
Edited by Noelia Pousada-Lobeira
European Translations 8

23 March 2023

George Gascoigne and Francis Kinwelmersh’s Jocasta
Edited by Silvia Bigliazzi and Carla Suthren
Tudor and Stuart Translations 33