Ebooks and Online Editions

More than two-thirds of the MHRA catalogue has been digitised, and work continues to extend this coverage. Not every title can be found on every platform, and the following links to our catalogue may help in showing what's where:

JSTOR: the Joint Storage digital library, founded in 1995, is a repository for scholarly material. It hosts the backlist for most of our academic journals, that is, issues from volumes which are no longer current. All recent MHRA book titles are also available under the Books@JSTOR initiative, now including almost all Legenda books published since October 2016.
Project MUSE, originated by Johns Hopkins University Press and the Sheridan Libraries, now hosts recent issues of our academic journals. Our book titles are not available at MUSE.
Google Books offers a small number of our titles for sale. (Note that many other MHRA titles offer previews at Google Books, but the link here is just to those which can be purchased from Google.)
Taylor & Francis eBooks offers a number of titles from the Legenda back list as ebooks, working backwards from those jointly published by MHRA and Routledge in the summer of 2016. (Taylor & Francis is Routledge's parent company.)
MHRA is also its own hosting platform for the electronic journal Working Papers in the Humanities, and the evergreen MHRA Style Guide.