Published April 2024

Modern Language Review 119.2 

Published March 2024

The Integrity of the Avant-Garde: Karel Teige and the Biography of an Ambition
Peter Zusi 
Visual Culture 2

Published February 2024

Austrian Travel Writing
Edited by Florian Krobb and Caitriona Leahy 
Austrian Studies 31

MHRA Style Guide: Fourth Edition (2024)
Edited by Chloe Paver 
MHRA Style Guide

Crossings: Essays on Poetry and Translation from Hölderlin to Jaccottet
Charlie Louth 
Transcript 31

Chaos and the Clean Line: Writings on Franco-British Modernism
Stephen Romer 
Transcript 28

The Catalonian Journey of American Drama 1909-2000: From Jimmy Valentine to The Vagina Monologues
Ramón Espejo 
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 59

Portuguese Studies 39.2 

Edited by Emily Di Dodo and Rachel Hayes 
MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities 18

Published January 2024

German Romanticism and Latin America: New Connections in World Literature
Edited by Jenny Haase and Joanna Neilly 
Transcript 23

Stefan George: The Homosexual Imaginary
Peter Morgan 
Germanic Literatures 30

Modern Language Review 119.1 

Published November 2023

Slavonic and East European Review 101.3 

Worlds of Old Yiddish Literature
Edited by Simon Neuberg and Diana Matut 
Studies In Yiddish 13

The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature 97: Survey Year 2022 

Published October 2023

Modern Language Review 118.4 

Published August 2023

Imagining Iberia in Medieval German Literature
Doriane Zerka 
Transcript 26

Building Modern Jewish Culture: The Yiddish Kultur-Lige
Edited by Harriet L. Murav, Gennady Estraikh and Myroslav Shkandrij 
Studies In Yiddish 20

Women on the Yiddish Stage
Edited by Alyssa Quint and Amanda Miryem-Khaye Seigel 
Studies In Yiddish 19

Memory, Identity and the Historical Novel in Uruguay: Opening up the Archive 1985-2010
Karunika Kardak 
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 52

Dante’s Blood
Anne C. Leone 
Italian Perspectives 59

Slavonic and East European Review 101.2 

Anne Cooke’s Englishing of Bernardino Ochino
Edited by Patricia Demers 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 30

Contested Communities: Small, Minority and Minor Literatures in Europe
Edited by Kate Averis, Margaret Littler, and Godela Weiss-Sussex 
Studies In Comparative Literature 57

Rome, 16 October 1943: History, Memory, Literature
Mara Josi 
Italian Perspectives 60