Legenda (General Series)

Legenda book series

The original Legenda series, with its distinctive blue cover, continues to present titles across a wide range of cultural topics.

Proposals. For details of how to propose Legenda books, see this link.

Subvention. Authors in this series are not required to raise any subsidy or subvention, but are responsible in the usual way if any rights fees arise from illustrations or other copyright material included.

History. When the Legenda imprint began in 1995, this was initially its only series, and for several years it carried a wide range of mainstream Humanities titles. The series is sometimes called Blue Legenda, after its distinctive colour. (This ink was originally mixed by our first printers, who gave it the name Baudelaire Blue, though in 2005 this was replaced by Pantone Dark Blue 281, which looks almost identical but was easier to calibrate.) As more specialised Legenda series were opened, so the original blue series was scaled back, but it remains vibrant as a venue for titles which range across the field, or which mark significant events, or which lie in language areas not covered by other series. The past chairs of the Editorial Board were Malcolm Bowie, Martin McLaughlin, and Ritchie Robertson.

Advisory Editors

  • Chair: Professor Colin Davis (Royal Holloway)
  • English: Professor Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex)
  • English: Professor Suzanne Raitt (William and Mary College, Virginia)
  • French: Professor Malcolm Cook (University of Exeter)
  • French: Professor Marian Hobson Jeanneret (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Russian: Professor Catriona Kelly (New College, Oxford)
  • Russian: Professor David Shepherd (Canterbury Christ Church University)
From the Enlightenment to Modernism: Three Centuries of German Literature
Edited by Carolin Duttlinger, Kevin Hilliard, and Charlie Louth
Legenda (General Series) 20 December 2021
Self-Conscious Realism: Metafiction and the Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel
Margarita Vaysman
Legenda (General Series) 26 July 2021
Last Scene of All: Representing Death on the Western Stage
Edited by Jessica Goodman
Legenda (General Series) 13 September 2022
Gravity and Grace: Essays for Roger Pearson
Edited by Charlie Louth and Patrick McGuinness
Legenda (General Series) 25 February 2019
SPQR in the USSR: Elena Shvarts’s Classical Antiquity
Georgina Barker
Legenda (General Series) 20 October 2022
Invention: The Language of English Renaissance Poetics
Rocío G. Sumillera
Legenda (General Series) 23 September 2019
Freedom and the Subject of Theory: Essays in Honour of Christina Howells
Edited by Oliver Davis and Colin Davis
Legenda (General Series) 14 May 2019
Swinburne’s Style: An Experiment in Verse History
L. M. Kilbride
Legenda (General Series) 10 September 2018
The Journalist in the French Fin-de-siècle Novel: Enfants de la presse
Kate Rees
Legenda (General Series) 26 February 2018
The Multilingual Muse: Transcultural Poetics in the Burgundian Netherlands
Edited by Adrian Armstrong and Elsa Strietman
Legenda (General Series) 1 November 2017
Intimacy and Distance: Conflicting Cultures in Nineteenth-Century France
Philippa Lewis
Legenda (General Series) 29 September 2017
The Poetics of Early Russian Crime Fiction 1860-1917: Deciphering Stories of Detection
Claire Whitehead
Legenda (General Series) 10 September 2018
Writers' Block: The Paris Antifascist Congress of 1935
Jacob Boas
Legenda (General Series) 19 December 2016
Cultural Reception, Translation and Transformation from Medieval to Modern Italy: Essays in Honour of Martin McLaughlin
Edited by Guido Bonsaver, Brian Richardson, and Giuseppe Stellardi
Legenda (General Series) 17 May 2017
The Italian Renaissance: A Zest for Life
Edited by Michel Jeanneret and Nicolas Ducimetière
Legenda (General Series) 15 May 2017
Pietro Bembo: A Life in Laurels and Scarlet
Marco Faini
Legenda (General Series) 15 May 2017
Gentry Life in Georgian Ireland: The Letters of Edmund Spencer (1711-1790)
Edited by Duncan Fraser and Andrew Hadfield
Legenda (General Series) 3 April 2017
Writing the Landscape: Exposing Nature in French Women's Fiction 1789–1815
Christie Margrave
Legenda (General Series) 23 April 2019
The Made and the Found: Essays, Prose and Poetry in Honour of Michael Sheringham
Edited by Patrick McGuinness and Emily McLaughlin
Legenda (General Series) 25 May 2017
Cognitive Confusions: Dreams, Delusions and Illusions in Early Modern Culture
Edited by Ita Mac Carthy, Kirsti Sellevold and Olivia Smith
Legenda (General Series) 13 February 2017
vol 3The History of Language Learning and Teaching III: Across Cultures
Edited by Nicola McLelland and Richard Smith
Legenda (General Series) vol 3 of 330 September 2018
vol 2The History of Language Learning and Teaching II: 19th-20th Century Europe
Edited by Nicola McLelland and Richard Smith
Legenda (General Series) vol 2 of 330 September 2018
Performing Medieval Text
Edited by Ardis Butterfield, Henry Hope and Pauline Souleau
Legenda (General Series) 1 November 2017
Montaigne in Transit: Essays in Honour of Ian Maclean
Edited by Neil Kenny, Richard Scholar and Wes Williams
Legenda (General Series) 19 December 2016
vol 1The History of Language Learning and Teaching I: 16th-18th Century Europe
Edited by Nicola McLelland and Richard Smith
Legenda (General Series) vol 1 of 330 September 2018