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MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities is a fully peer-reviewed electronic open-access journal intended to allow researchers to present initial findings or hypotheses. As such it will be of particular interest to postgraduate researchers, though established scholars are also invited to submit papers.

Working for WPH. Each volume has two Editors, who are normally doctoral students, with overlapping two-year terms of office. There is therefore one vacancy each year for a new Editor. Any colleagues wishing to express an interest are warmly invited to contact the current Editors, either directly or via

Peer review declaration. Working Papers in the Humanities is a fully peer-reviewed journal. Articles are initially selected from an open Call for Papers and short-listed papers are sent for anonymous peer review by academics with expertise in the relevant area and based at different institutions from the authors. If peer review is positive, articles are then edited in two stages: the editors must be satisfied that issues raised in peer review have been addressed before an article is finally accepted.

Publisher's statement. Views expressed in the content of Working Papers in the Humanities are those of the respective authors and contributors and not of the journal editors or of the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA). MHRA makes no representation, express or implied, in respect of the accuracy of the material in this journal and cannot accept any any legal responsibility or liability for views expressed or for any errors or omissions that may be made.

Submissions. Each annual volume is themed, and colleagues are invited to respond to the annual call for papers. All articles should be written in clear English and conform to MHRA Style.

Books for review. WPH does not carry reviews.

Publication Ethics. If you have any concerns relating to publication ethics, please email the journal via

History. WPH opened in 2006, and began its practice of leapfrogging editors with volume 3 (2009). Several have gone on to be authors of our books, among them Louise Crowther, Jessica Goodman, John McKeane, and Joanna Neilly.


  • Editor, volumes 17 and 18: Emily Di Dodo (University of Oxford)
  • Editor, volumes 18 and 19: Rachel Hayes (University of Warwick)

Copyright forms. If your article or review is accepted by this journal, then you will be asked to sign this copyright form (follow the link to read it in PDF form). The reasons we ask you to assign copyright to MHRA are as follows:

  • (i) ownership of copyright by the publisher tends to ensure maximum international protection against infringement, libel, or plagiarism
  • (ii) it enables the MHRA to deal efficiently with requests from third parties to reproduce or reprint a Contribution, or part of it, and in accordance with a general policy which is sensitive both to any relevant changes in international copyright law and to the general desirability of encouraging the dissemination of knowledge.
In assigning your copyright you are not forfeiting your proprietary rights, including patent rights. Nothing in the Agreement you sign shall restrict your rights as the Author(s) to revise, adapt, prepare derivative works, present orally, or otherwise make use of the contents of the Contribution, provided that these do not conflict with the MHRA's financial interests. You may do this after obtaining our permission. The MHRA is a charity which has the encouragement and dissemination of scholarship as its object, and permission to use the contents of your work elsewhere will not normally be withheld provided that the MHRA journal is acknowledged as the original source with a full bibliographical reference.

Open access. MHRA supports Open Access under the Green Route, with an embargo of 12 months. Under this model, if your Contribution is accepted for publication you may make a ‘closed’ deposit of your accepted manuscript in your academic institution’s digital repository upon acceptance. Full open access to the accepted manuscript is then permitted 12 months after publication.

Licensing content. All requests for permission to reproduce material first published in MHRA books and journals beyond the scope of fair use/fair dealing and the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements should be directed to: Please give specific details of the proposed new publication and the permission you require, including: media (print/electronic); print run; selling price; market; language.

Edited by Emily Di Dodo and Rachel Hayes 
MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities 181 December 2023
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7Science and Literature: The Great Divide?
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