Legenda book series


Transcript publishes books about all kinds of imagining across languages, media and cultures: translations and versions, inter-cultural and multi-lingual writing, illustrations and musical settings, adaptation for theatre, film, TV and new media, creative and critical responses. We are open to studies of any combination of languages and media, in any historical moments, and are keen to reach beyond Legenda’s traditional focus on modern European languages to embrace anglophone and world cultures and the classics. We are interested in innovative critical approaches: we welcome not only the most rigorous scholarship and sharpest theory, but modes of writing that stretch or cross the boundaries of those discourses.

Proposals. For details of how to propose Legenda books, see this link.

Review copies. Journals wishing to review books in this series should please contact to request copies.

Subvention. Authors in this series are not required to raise any subsidy or subvention, but are responsible in the usual way if any rights fees arise from illustrations or other copyright material included.

History. Transcript is the creation of the comparative literature scholar and novelist Matthew Reynolds, and began publishing in 2015. It benefits from close ties to the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation Research Centre.

Editorial Committee

  • Chair: Matthew Reynolds (Oxford)
  • Kate Griffiths (Cardiff)
  • Adriana Jacobs (Oxford)
  • Patrick McGuinness (Oxford)
  • Ben Morgan (Oxford)
  • Ingela Nilsson (Uppsala)
  • Mohamed-Salah Omri (Oxford)
  • Tanya Pollard (CUNY)

Advisory Board

  • Jason Gaiger (Oxford)
  • Alessandro Grilli (Pisa)
  • Marina Grishakova (Tartu)
  • Martyn Harry (Oxford)
  • Linda Hutcheon (Toronto)
  • Calin-Andrei Mihailescu (London, Ontario)
  • Wen-Chin Ouyang (SOAS)
  • Clive Scott FBA (UEA)
  • Ali Smith
  • Marina Warner FBA (Birkbeck)
  • Shane Weller (Kent)
  • Stefan Willer (Berlin)
36The Tremors of Translation: An Edition of Voltaire's Poème sur le désastre de Lisbonne (1756)
Clive Scott 
Transcript 361 May 2025
35Diaspora Reads: Community, Identity, and Russian Literaturocentrism
Angelos Theocharis 
Transcript 3514 April 2025
34James Joyce’s Music Performed: The ‘Sirens’ Fugue in Experimental Re-Translation
Arianna Autieri 
Transcript 3414 March 2025
33Staging Germanness in Contemporary British Theatre
Joseph Prestwich 
Transcript 3328 April 2025
32Darwinian Dialogues: Adaptation, Evolution, and the Nineteenth-Century Novel
Andrew Watts 
Transcript 321 June 2025
31Crossings: Essays on Poetry and Translation from Hölderlin to Jaccottet
Charlie Louth 
Transcript 3119 February 2024
30The History of French Literature on BBC Television
Kate Griffiths and Andrew Watts 
Transcript 301 March 2026
29Can Fiction Change the World?
Edited by Alison James, Akihiro Kubo, and Françoise Lavocat
Transcript 2922 January 2023
28Chaos and the Clean Line: Writings on Franco-British Modernism
Stephen Romer 
Transcript 2819 February 2024
27Engaging with Troy: Early Modern and Contemporary Scenes
Edited by Francesca Rayner and Janice Valls-Russell 
Transcript 2714 April 2025
26Imagining Iberia in Medieval German Literature
Doriane Zerka 
Transcript 2631 August 2023
25Triangular Translation: Gender and the Making of the Postcolonial World Between China, Europe, and the Middle East 1880-1940
Peiyu Yang 
Transcript 2528 August 2024
24André Chénier: Poetry and Revolution 1792-1794
David McCallam
Transcript 2426 July 2021
23German Romanticism and Latin America: New Connections in World Literature
Edited by Jenny Haase and Joanna Neilly 
Transcript 2329 January 2024
22Dwelling on Grief: Narratives of Mourning Across Time and Forms
Edited by Simona Corso, Florian Mussgnug, and Jennifer Rushworth
Transcript 227 June 2022
21The Translingual Verse: Migration, Rhythm, and Resistance in Contemporary Italophone Poetry
Alice Loda
Transcript 2113 December 2021
20The Diasporic Canon: American Anthologies of Contemporary Italian Poetry 1945-2015
Marta Arnaldi
Transcript 2013 September 2022
19Literature, Democracy and Transitional Justice: Comparative World Perspectives
Edited by Mohamed-Salah Omri and Philippe Roussin
Transcript 1910 December 2022
18Poetics, Performance and Politics in French and Italian Renaissance Comedy
Lucy Rayfield
Transcript 1823 February 2022
17The Foreign Connection: Writings on Poetry, Art and Translation
Jamie McKendrick
Transcript 1728 September 2020
16Hamlet Translations: Prisms of Cultural Encounters across the Globe
Edited by Márta Minier and Lily Kahn
Transcript 1610 December 2021
15Uruguayan Theatre in Translation: Theory and Practice
Sophie Stevens
Transcript 158 October 2022
14After Clarice: Reading Lispector’s Legacy in the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Adriana X. Jacobs and Claire Williams
Transcript 1413 September 2022
13The First English Translations of Molière: Drama in Flux 1663-1732
Suzanne Jones
Transcript 1328 September 2020
12Reading Dante and Proust by Analogy
Julia Caterina Hartley
Transcript 1223 September 2019