Studies In Comparative Literature

Legenda book series

Studies in Comparative Literature are produced in close collaboration with the British Comparative Literature Association, and range widely across comparative and theoretical topics in literary and translation studies, accommodating research at the interface between different artistic media and between the humanities and the sciences.

The British Comparative Literature Association aims to promote the scholarly study of literature, across languages and borders, national or other. We explore literature in relation to other disciplines and translations between languages and media. BCLA's primary interests are in literature, the contexts of literature, and the interaction between literatures.

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Subvention. Authors in this series are not required to raise any subsidy or subvention, but are responsible in the usual way if any rights fees arise from illustrations or other copyright material included.

History. Studies in Comparative Literature is one of our largest and longest-enduring series, having begun in 1997 when Malcolm Bowie, Legenda's founder, was also President of the BCLA. Legenda was at that time a new venture and the distinguished scholar Siegbert Prawer placed great faith in us by offering us his major book on Thackeray to become the debut title, SICL 1. The series was successively chaired by Peter France and Stephen Bann before passing to Duncan Large in 2011, but mention must also be made of Elinor Shaffer, an energetic editor throughout the series's development.

Editorial Committee

  • Chair (joint): Dr Emily Finer (University of St Andrews)
  • Chair (joint): Professor Wen-chin Ouyang (SOAS, London)
  • Dr Ross Forman (University of Warwick)
  • Professor Angus Nicholls (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Dr Henriette Partzsch (University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Ranka Primorac (University of Southampton)

International Advisory Group

  • Professor Susan Bassnett (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Dorota Goluch (Cardiff University)
  • Dr Priyamvada Gopal (Churchill College Cambridge)
  • Professor Duncan Large (British Centre for Literary Translation, University of East Anglia)
  • Professor Joep Leerssen (University of Amsterdam)
  • Professor Timothy Mathews (University College London)
  • Professor Elinor Shaffer (School of Advanced Study, London)
60Urban Interconnections: Ecocritical Readings of the City in Matilde Serao and Émile Zola
Sophie Maddison 
Studies In Comparative Literature 601 June 2026
59Global Colour: Literary Space and the Achronotope
Richard Hibbitt 
Studies In Comparative Literature 591 October 2027
58Walter Benjamin’s Calderón: Literary Criticism and the Baroque
Jacobo de Camps 
Studies In Comparative Literature 5828 April 2025
57Contested Communities: Small, Minority and Minor Literatures in Europe
Edited by Kate Averis, Margaret Littler, and Godela Weiss-Sussex 
Studies In Comparative Literature 578 August 2023
56Fragments, Genius and Madness: Masks and Mask-Making in the fin-de-siècle Imagination
Elisa Segnini
Studies In Comparative Literature 5626 July 2021
55Mary Shelley and Europe: Essays in Honour of Jean de Palacio
Edited by Antonella Braida
Studies In Comparative Literature 5528 September 2020
54Metaphor in European Philosophy after Nietzsche: An Intellectual History
Andrew Hines
Studies In Comparative Literature 5428 September 2020
53Residual Figuration in Samuel Beckett and Alberto Giacometti
Lin Li
Studies In Comparative Literature 537 June 2022
52A Poetics of the Image: Paul Celan and André du Bouchet
Julian J. I. Koch
Studies In Comparative Literature 5210 December 2021
51Rethinking the Human in the Darwinian Novel: Zola, Hardy, and Utopian Fiction
Niall Sreenan 
Studies In Comparative Literature 5114 April 2025
50Words Like Fire: Prophecy and Apocalypse in Apollinaire, Marinetti and Pound
James P. Leveque
Studies In Comparative Literature 5028 April 2022
49Death Sentences: Literature and State Killing
Edited by Birte Christ and Ève Morisi
Studies In Comparative Literature 4923 April 2019
48Samuel Butler and the Science of the Mind: Evolution, Heredity and Unconscious Memory
Cristiano Turbil
Studies In Comparative Literature 4828 September 2020
47Depicting the Divine: Mikhail Bulgakov and Thomas Mann
Olga G. Voronina
Studies In Comparative Literature 4723 April 2019
46Reflections in the Library: Selected Literary Essays 1926–1944
Antal Szerb
Studies In Comparative Literature 4613 February 2017
45Scenographies of Perception: Sensuousness in Hegel, Novalis, Rilke, and Proust
Christian Jany
Studies In Comparative Literature 4514 May 2019
44Arthur Symons: Poet, Critic, Vagabond
Edited by Elisa Bizzotto and Stefano Evangelista
Studies In Comparative Literature 4425 May 2018
43Sublime Conclusions: Last Man Narratives from Apocalypse to Death of God
Robert K. Weninger
Studies In Comparative Literature 4329 September 2017
42A Modernist in Exile: The International Reception of H. G. Adler (1910-1988)
Edited by Lynn L. Wolff
Studies In Comparative Literature 4223 April 2019
41Utopian Identities: A Cognitive Approach to Literary Competitions
Clementina Osti
Studies In Comparative Literature 4122 August 2018
40From Puppet to Cyborg: Pinocchio’s Posthuman Journey
Georgia Panteli
Studies In Comparative Literature 4028 April 2022
39The Rhetoric of Exile: Duress and the Imagining of Force
Vladimir Zorić
Studies In Comparative Literature 3919 December 2016
37Translating Myth
Edited by Ben Pestell, Pietra Palazzolo and Leon Burnett
Studies In Comparative Literature 371 September 2016
36The Modern Culture of Reginald Farrer: Landscape, Literature and Buddhism
Michael Charlesworth
Studies In Comparative Literature 3626 February 2018
35Oscar Wilde and the Simulacrum: The Truth of Masks
Giles Whiteley
Studies In Comparative Literature 351 July 2015