Literature to 1200

Edited by Clare A. Lees and Joshua Davies

Yearbook of English Studies 52

Modern Humanities Research Association

26 November 2022

ISBN: 978-1-839542-36-7 (paperback)

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The Yearbook of English Studies for 2022, edited by Clare A. Lees and Joshua Davies, brings together a group of international researchers who offer some of their current work on the earliest centuries of medieval literature and culture, under the title Literature to 1200.

Posing the question of what the study of the early Middle Ages looks like in 2022, the essays presented here offer a snapshot of work in the field. This volume demonstrates the urgent social, cultural, and political questions that animate early medieval English studies; it explores the various communities who engage with it, both past and present; and it demonstrates the breadth and variety of research in this vital period of literary and material culture.

Literature to 1200 offers new insights into the study of religious devotion, Old English poetry and poetics, book history, the history of reading, and material culture. Researchers turn their attention to the Franks Casket and the Cotton World Map, the Life of Margaret and that of Pega, sister to the saintly Guthlac. Other essays explore the queer use of the Old English dual pronoun, forge Indigenous readings of The Wife’s Lament, and reassess the manuscript history of the Old English Bede. Examining the ethics of witnessing and of reading in early medieval texts as well as the re-deployment of medieval culture in contemporary arts and in environmental debate, Literature to 1200 also includes important accounts of the history of racism in early medieval studies and the building of other forms of collectivity, Indigenous and American/ Medieval among them, that address trans-temporal possibilities of place and community.


Literature to 1200: Introduction
Joshua Davies
Witnessing St Margaret, or the Frenetic Historicity of the Inconceivable
Benjamin A. Saltzman
Peakirk and the Cult of St Pega: Women, Wildfowl and Wetland Conservation
Beth Whalley
Untimely Intimacies: Thinking Literacy with the Old English Dual Pronouns
Lisa M. C. Weston
Gendered Exile in the Past and Present: An Indigenous Feminist Medievalist in Search of Serial Collectivity
Tarren Andrews
Body in Mind: Reader Experience in Early English Text Worlds
Margaret Tedford
Bishop Lyfing, Crediton and the Cultural Orbit of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 41
Sharon M. Rowley
The Franks Casket from the Inside Out
Catherine E. Karkov
What's in a Name? The Past and Present Racism in 'Anglo-Saxon' Studies
Mary Rambaran-Olm
American/Medieval Future(s) and the Transit of Whiteness
Gillian R. Overing
An Old English Poetics of Comfort
Lara Farina

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