German Romanticism and Latin America
New Connections in World Literature

Edited by Jenny Haase and Joanna Neilly

Transcript 23


  29 January 2024  •  196pp

ISBN: 978-1-839540-76-9 (hardback)  •  RRP £85, $115, €99

ISBN: 978-1-839540-77-6 (paperback, forthcoming)

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In the popular imagination, the pioneering explorer Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) provides the link between Romantic-era Germany and Latin America. But the reception and critical reworking of German Romantic culture reach far beyond Humboldt’s legacy, and still inform contemporary Latin American writing. Initial responses to the European Romantic tradition were deeply embedded in the cultural nationalism of newly-independent nation states. Nineteenth-century Germans, however, often encountered the region through travel writing and landscape painting, in the context of a market for exotic images in the age of European empires. Today, Latin American authors problematize this historic relation, but their work also recalls German Romanticism’s formal innovations: non-closure, fragmentation, genre subversion, and translation as linguistic reinvention. These become modes of resistance to a world literary market that replicates on an aesthetic level the colonial relationship between the viewer and the viewed.

In its wide-ranging exploration of these cultural affinities, this volume introduces and analyses a sub-field of world literature that transcends linguistic, temporal and spatial borders.

Jenny Haase is Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literatures and Cultures at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Joanna Neilly is Associate Professor in German at the University of Oxford, and a Tutorial Fellow of St Peter’s College.



Mapping Relations in World Literature: The German Romantic–Latin American Connection
Joanna Neilly, Jenny Haase


Coming in under the Radar: German Romanticism and the Genealogy of Latin American Literature
Carol Tully


The ‘National Literature’ Project between Epic Writing and Ethical Autonomy: German Romanticism and the ‘Boom’ of Latin American Literature
Gesine Müller


Between Prussia and the Caribbean: Thinking the World with Humboldt, Ramos Sucre, de la Parra, and Restrepo
Karolina Watroba


Franz Sternbald in the New World: Johann Moritz Rugendas and Travelling Painter Narratives from Latin America
Joanna Neilly


Parenting in the Dark: Gothic Representations of Care in Nuestra parte de noche by Mariana Enriquez and Distancia de rescate by Samanta Schweblin
Catalina Forttes Zalaquett


A Modern Writer’s Translation of Kohlhaas: Magnus meets Kleist
Héctor Hoyos


Searching for Klingsors: The German Literatures of Contemporary Latin American Fiction
Adrian Daub


Novel Disruptions: Romantic Affinities in Andrés Neuman and Roberto Bolaño
Anthony Phelan


Transcultural Winter Journeys: German Romanticism in Andrés Neuman’s El viajero del siglo and Mathias Énard’s Boussole
Jenny Haase


The Fictionalized, Synchronized, and Extraterrestrial
Andrés Neuman


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