Part I: Philosophy and Theory of Science

H. B. Nisbet

From Herder and the Philosophy and History of Science (1970), pp. xiii-123, doi:10.59860/td.c58ad0e

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Part of the book: Herder and the Philosophy and History of Science

H. B. Nisbet

MHRA Texts and Dissertations 3

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Abstract.  Chapter I: Introduction. 1. Herder’s intellectual personality - 2. Herder scholarship and the history of scientific thought - 3. Herder’s concept of ‘Kraft’. Chapter II: Methodology. 1. Subjectivity and objectivity - 2. Anthropomorphism, anthropocentrism, and the ‘type’ theory - 3. The analogical method - 4. Comparison and classification - 5. Causality and teleology - 6. Holism and organicism - 7. The study of origins and the ‘genetic method’ - 8. The idea of development, and cyclic theories of change - 9. The dialectical method - 10. Mathematics and pseudo-laws - 11. The formulation of natural laws - 12. Levels of organization in the natural world.

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