Cover of Italo Calvino and Japan
IP 622024 
Cover of Spatial Violence and the Documentary Image
MI 152024 
Cover of Techniques of Solipsism
TD 11970 
Cover of The Vorau 'Moses' and 'Balaam'
TD 21970 
Cover of Herder and the Philosophy and History of Science
TD 31970 
Cover of Edition Critique du Sermon 'Qui Manducat Me' de Robert Ciboule (1403-58)
TD 41971 
Cover of The Theme of Love in the 'Romans d'Antiquité'
TD 51972 
Cover of Saint-Amant and the Theory of 'Ut Pictura Poesis'
TD 61972 
Cover of Voltaire's Disciple
TD 71972 
Cover of Bertolt Brecht's Adaptations for the Berliner Ensemble
TD 81975 
Cover of The Early Poetry of Guittone d'Arezzo
TD 91976 
Cover of The Teaching of Gasparino Barzizza
TD 101979 
Cover of Matthew Arnold and Goethe
TD 111979 
Cover of The Significance of Locality in the Poetry of Friedrich Hölderlin
TD 121979 
Cover of The Realism of Luigi Capuana
TD 131979 
Cover of Sartre's Theory of Literature
TD 141979 
Cover of Jean Brisebarre: 'Li Restor du Paon'
TD 151980 
Cover of Georg Büchner's 'Dantons Tod'
TD 161982 
Cover of Language and Style in a Renaissance Epic
TD 171982 
Cover of Epic and Chronicle
TD 181983 
Cover of Les Enseignements de Théodore Paléologue
TD 191983 
Cover of The Work and Thought of Jean Grenier (1898-1971)
TD 201983 
Cover of Character, Ideology, and Symbolism in the Plays of Wedekind, Sternheim, Kaiser, Toller, and Brecht
TD 211985 
Cover of Valentin Rasputin and Soviet Russian Village Prose
TD 221986 
Cover of Vaugelas and the Development of the French Language
TD 231987 
Cover of The Second Continuation of the Old French <i>Perceval</i>
TD 241987 
Cover of Quevedo on Parnassus
TD 251987 
Cover of Verse Form and Meaning in the Poetry of Vladimir Maiakovskii
TD 261989 
Cover of Symbolist Landscapes. The Place of Painting in the Poetry and Criticism of Mallarmé and His Circle
TD 271989 
Cover of The Twelfth-Century Psalter Commentary in French for Laurette d'Alsace
TD 291990 
Cover of Intermedia in Italy
VC 62024 
Cover of Citational Media
VC 72024 
Cover of Working Papers in the Humanities 1
WPH 12006 
Cover of Working Papers in the Humanities 2
WPH 22007 
Cover of Translation, Adaptation, and Transformation
WPH 32009 
Cover of Space/Time
WPH 42009 
Cover of Myth
WPH 52011 
Cover of Melancholy
WPH 62012 
Cover of Science and Literature
WPH 72013 
Cover of Fame and Glory
WPH 82013 
Cover of Literature and Art
WPH 92015 
Cover of Critiquing Criticism
WPH 102016 
Cover of Rewriting(s)
WPH 112017 
Cover of Scrutinizing Beauty
WPH 122018 
Cover of The Sacred in the Secular in European Literature
WPH 132018 
Cover of Reframing Exoticism in European Literature
WPH 142019 
Cover of Echo
WPH 152021 
Cover of Desire
WPH 162022 
Cover of On Forgetting
WPH 172022 
Cover of Voyages
WPH 182024