Fougeret de Monbron, Margot la ravaudeuse

Translated by Édouard Langille

New Translations 8

Modern Humanities Research Association

3 August 2015  •  80pp

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Fougeret de Monbron (1706–1760) was a minor French writer known in Parisian literary circles in the 1740s and 1750s for his spoof of Voltaire’s Henriade, entitled La Henriade travestie (1745). He is generally considered the model for ‘LUI’ in Diderot’s fragmented novel the Neveu de Rameau, written some time after 1761. In addition to this, his travel memoirs, Le Cosmopolite (1750), are a recognized source of Voltaire’s Candide (1759). Today, Monbron’s novel on prostitution Margot la ravaudeuse (1753) (or Margot, the stocking darner) is his best known work. Widely read in France (where it has appeared in four separate editions since 1990), and moreover translated since the eighteenth century into other European languages, Margot has never been adequately made available to English-speaking readers.

Professor Langille’s new translation brings Margot la ravaudeuse for the first time to students of eighteenth-century literature, and most especially to those interested in that intriguing sub-genre known as ‘prostitution narrative’.

Édouard Langille is professor of French language and literature at St Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  • ‘Langille’s edition offers much to satisfy a scholarly readership: his Introduction provides a detailed account of the life and works of Fougeret de Monbron, includes an exhaustive bibliography, and perfectly succeeds in situating the novel within the broader context of European literature, with a special focus on Britain.’ — Ruggiero Sciuto, French Studies 70.4, October 2016, 599-600
  • ‘A valuable addition to the New Translations series, making available to a wider public an interesting and unusual text.’ — Derek Connon, Modern Language Review 112.1, January 2017, 251-52 (full text online)
  • ‘Les traductions anglaises de la littérature libertine du xviiie siècle français se sont enrichies d’un nouvel ouvrage: Margot la ravaudeuse de Fougeret de Monbron. L’heureuse initiative provient d’Édouard Langille qui, avec son introduction et ses notes explicatives, remet à portée de tout lecteur anglophone la verve de Monbron... La richesse et la qualité des notes en fin d’ouvrage sont remarquables. Langille ne laisse aucun nom propre ou expression complexe lui échapper. Tout est expliqué en abondance ce qui fait de cette version anglaise de Margot la ravaudeuse une lecture attrayante pour un lecteur bilingue.’ — Jacqueline Chammas, Eighteenth-Century Fiction 29.4, 2017, 694-97


Front Matter
Édouard Langille
Table of Contents
Édouard Langille
Édouard Langille
Notes On the Present Translation
S. L.
Fougeret de Monbron (1706–1760) Margot la ravaudeuse
Édouard Langille
Selected Bibliography
Édouard Langille
MHRA New Translations
Édouard Langille

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