Pessoa in an Intertextual Web
Influence and Innovation

Edited by David G. Frier

Legenda (General Series)


30 January 2012  •  200pp

ISBN: 978-1-907747-93-9 (hardback)  •  RRP £80, $110, €95


Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) is Portugal’s most celebrated poet of the twentieth century, who wrote under the guise of dozens of literary personalities, or heteronyms. As well as his poetry, however, his work is marked by a constantly inventive and innovative engagement with authors and literary traditions from an astonishing variety of sources, placing him firmly in the worldwide literary canon. The present volume brings together a number of experts at the forefront of Pessoa studies internationally, with chapters examining his literary relations with Italy, Spain, France, England and Portugal, as well as his contextualisation in relation to major philosophers such as Kant and Nietzsche. It features essays examining his work from a range of perspectives to complement the multi-faceted nature of Pessoa himself (psychoanalytical, philosophical, political and artistic), and it includes consideration of his prose masterpiece The Book of Disquiet, as well as of various aspects of his poetic oeuvre.

David G. Frier is Senior Lecturer in Portuguese at the University of Leeds.


  • ‘As its title suggests, [the book] provides Pessoan scholars and the general reader with a lot of thematic variety and in-depth insights. Some of the papers bring fresh perspectives on topics that had been critically broached before, but are here seen from enriching perspectives. Other papers provide refreshingly new arguments. These are two of the many reasons why one would wish to recommend this volume, both to the specialist and to the student who is starting out on the path to his or her own Pessoa.’ — Francisco Cota Fagundes, Bulletin of Spanish Studies 110.4, September 2013, 1058-59


Introduction: Pessoa/Pessoas?
David G. Frier
Nietzsche and the Super-Pessoa
Richard Zenith
António Mora and German Philosophy: Between Kant and Nietzsche
Mattia Riccardi
Pessoa, Shakespeare, Hamlet and the Heteronyms: Studies in Neurosis
Mariana Gray de Castro
Masters and Spectres: Pessoa’s Haunts
Rui Gonçalves Miranda
Going Nowhere in Voyage autour de ma chambre and ‘Viagem Nunca Feita’
Rhian Atkin
‘Ode Triunfal’ with a Breakdown at the End
Pedro Eiras
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Unamuno, Bernardo Soares and the Literary Gaze
David G. Frier
Representing Pessoa
Paulo de Medeiros
Saramago’s ‘Other’ Pessoas and ‘Pessoan’ Others: Heteronymic Creation and the Ethics of Alterity
Mark Sabine
Tabucchi’s Pessoa: A Legacy Repaid?
Liz Wren-Owens

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