Wilhelm Raabe
Global Themes - International Perspectives

Edited by Dirk Göttsche and Florian Krobb

Legenda (General Series)


17 July 2009  •  190pp

ISBN: 978-1-906540-01-2 (hardback)  •  RRP £80, $110, €95


Wilhelm Raabe (1831-1910) is one of the major figures of 19th-century German Realist writing, acknowledged as an innovator both stylistically and thematically. But until now there has been little concentration on the international and postcolonial dimensions of Raabe's work - his literary critique of colonialism, his engagement with modernization and globalization, his involvement in 19th century German discourses about America, Africa and Asia, and the links between international and national issues in his writing. In Raabe International, contributions from many eminent critics address Raabe both as a writer on world affairs and as a subject himself for translation and comment outside of Germany.


  • ‘Wenn die Zuschreibung von 'Internationalität' zuweilen etwas sehr allgemein und unkonkret bleibt, dann ist dies der gewiss gut gemeinten Absicht, aus einem nationalen Dichter einen Autor der Weltliteratur zu machen, geschuldet. Dass nun ein exzellentes Handbuch zu Raabe in englischer Sprache vorliegt, mag die Internationalität eines Autors und der Forschung zu seinem Werk eigentlich bereits hinreichend belegen. Somit bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass es die Übersetzung weiterer Werke Raabes ins Englische ebenso befördert wie die Publikation eines Raabe-Handbuchs in deutscher Sprache. Denn für letzteres liegt nun ein gelungenes Vorbild vor.’ — Lucas Marco Gisi, Jahrbuch der Raabe-Gesellschaft 2010, 137-43
  • ‘There is a potentially massive argument to be engaged here regarding the future of arts and humanities research. The editors of this book are to be congratulated for setting the terms of that debate and for showing a good deal of what might be done. It is a fine beginning to our oncoming work.’ — Thomas Docherty, Comparative Critical Studies 7.2–3, 2010, 401-04
  • ‘An excellent anthology of essays... Whether or not one agrees with Jeffrey L. Sammons’s contention that Wilhelm Raabe ‘was the major nineteenth-century novelist in the German language between Goethe and Fontane’..., one leaves this volume convinced that he was certainly one of the most attuned to the impact of Germany’s forays into the wider world on those who travelled abroad and even on those who remained at home.’ — Todd Kontje, Modern Language Review 106.2, April 2011, 584-86 (full text online)
  • ‘Whether the three volumes reviewed here represent the end of Raabe's rehabilitation or the beginning of a new phase, a global phase, of Raabe scholarship remains to be seen, but their publication is indeed equicklich - refreshing.’ — Robert L. Jamison, Monatshefte 103.1, 2011, 126-31


Florian Krobb, Dirk Göttsche
Watching the World Shrink and Grow: Globalism in the Works of Wilhelm Raabe
Florian Krobb
Raabe, Westermann, and the International Imagination
Brian Tucker
‘Pionier im alten abgebrauchten Europa’: Modernization and Colonialism in Raabe’s Prinzessin Fisch
Dirk Göttsche
First Contact and Déjà Vu: The Return of Agostin Agonista in Raabe’s Zum wilden Mann
Axel Dunker
Colonialism and the Language of German–German Relations in Raabe’s Stopfkuchen
Katra Byram
Raabe and Dutch Colonialism
John Pizer
Representing America Sight Unseen: Comparative Observations on Spielhagen, Raabe, and Fontane
Jeffrey L. Sammons
Narrative Evasion of Socio-political Crisis: Raabe’s Die Leute aus dem Walde and Sealsfield’s Das Kajütenbuch oder Nationale Charakteristiken
Alexander Ritter
Nation and Gender in Wilhelm Raabe’s Pre-Unification Historical Narratives
Irene S. Di Maio
Resonant Violence in Die Innerste and the Rupture of the German Idyll after 1871
Lynne Tatlock
Moonstone and ‘Mondgebirge’: Exile and Identity in Wilhelm Raabe and Wilkie Collins
Ernest Schonfield
Raabe’s ‘English Prophet’: Sofie Delffs and the English Translation of Abu Telfan
Alison E. Martin
Wilhelm Raabe and Translation
Michael Ritterson

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