Roger Laporte
The Orphic Text

Ian Maclachlan

Legenda (General Series)


1 November 2000  •  204pp

ISBN: 1-900755-38-6 (paperback)  •  RRP £75, $99, €85


The modern French author and critic Roger Laporte has conducted a lifelong exploration of the stakes of writing and produced a body of work on the borderline between literature and philosophy. Charting the development of Laporte's writing in relation to the work of Heidegger, Levinas, Blanchot and Derrida, Ian Maclachlan's pioneering study offers both a comprehensive reading of Laporte's oeuvre and a new perspective on an important strand of recent thinking about literature. In particular, Maclachlan argues that the imperfect reflexivity of Laporte's 'Orphic' texts provides a singular opening on to the process of reading. In so doing he illuminates the ethical dimension of literature, which has been the subject of much recent critical discussion.

Ian Maclachlan is Lecturer in French at the University of Aberdeen.


  • ‘Maclachlan admirably pulls off the difficult task of maintaining a just tension between the demands of critical exegesis and the demands of the work itself... succeeds in opening a space for their reading and indicating the importance of this reading.’ — Patrick ffrench, French Studies LVI.3, 2002, 432-3
  • Elisa Bricco, Studi francesi XLVI, 2002, 2

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