One of the charitable aims of the Modern Humanities Research Association is to make new research as available as possible. To that end, the Legenda imprint has now issued 130 of its titles in paperback at budget prices: except for a few very large volumes, most are £10-£15. Since a fresh round of 22 of those titles came out just in the last month, this seems a good time for a round-up. We hope there's something for everyone: but if none of these catch your eye, see this gallery for the full collection.

Selected Essays

A series in which major scholars are invited to collect their best work, with a new introduction, Selected Essays make excellent readers. We now have 8 out in paperback, across German, French, Italian and Spanish studies, and now we have two in English studies, too:

Germanic Literatures

We have 13 of these German (and Dutch, and Scandinavian) studies out in paperback now, and these new ones throw concrete poetry and film into the mix:

Italian Perspectives

Research Monographs in French Studies

Studies In Comparative Literature

Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures


And we also have paperbacks out in our Studies in Yiddish and Moving Image series, and will soon have paperbacks from Visual Culture, too... but that is a story for another day.

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