The Association has two postgraduate members on its Executive Committee, who represent an important constituency of our profession, and serve as editors for the online journal Working Papers in the Humanities (founded 2006). Each editor serves for two years, with the terms of the two editors overlapping so that there is always continuity. At the end of 2022, Alma Prelec came to the end of her term, while Emily Di Dodo moved into the second year of hers.

Headshot of Rachel Hayes

And so we are now very pleased to welcome Rachel Hayes. Rachel is in the third year of her PhD at the University of Warwick, under the supervision of Dr Emma Campbell and Prof. Oliver Davis. In her thesis, she is looking at queering gender in a series of medieval French texts that have traditionally been read as ‘cross-dressing’ narratives. She now joins the MHRA committee (strictly speaking, she joined on 1 January), and will work on the editing of volumes 18 and 19 of WPH.

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