To Legenda, David Trotter is the author of Brute Meaning: Essays in Materialist Criticism from Dickens to Hitchcock, a rich volume of essays. But look at that skinny print at the foot of the posters in UK cinemas right now, and alongside the voiceover credits for Harriet Walter, Samuel West and Jeremy Irons — quite the all-star team — we find "co-producer: David Trotter FBA":

poster for Drawn to War

David is indeed a Fellow of the British Academy, but I suspect that the mention of his FBA on the poster may be to clarify that he's not the same person as the mogul also called David Trotter, who has directed or produced several movies already. It didn't work: at the two of them are conflated. This data error will doubtless be sorted out soon; the movie is still only a few days old, at time of writing this post. A documentary feature film released just this week, Drawn to War tells the story of the war artist Eric Ravilious.

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