Over the last year the MHRA Committee has been considering what steps we might take to try to encourage more colleagues to take up membership of the Association. It was recognized that the constitutional requirement for all members to agree to become guarantors of the limited company and the administrative overhead associated with this can be a deterrent, so the trustees are proposing to amend the membership structure so as to remove that requirement and enable potential new members to sign up immediately online in future. Such a move would leave only the trustees as the guarantors of the company entitled to vote at general meetings. The broader membership would continue to benefit from access to discounts on print and electronic journal subscription as well as from participation in a prestigious scholarly organization that unites and seeks to promote the work of researchers across the modern languages. The intention now is to present a trustee resolution to be voted on at the February 2022 meeting of the MHRA Committee. If you have any comments or queries regarding this proposal, please do contact us at: membership@mhra.org.uk.

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