Applications are now open for academic year 2022-23. Full details can be found on our Funding page.

The Research Scholarships support early career researchers who, having completed a Ph.D., are developing their thesis into what will become their first book. The three scholars who received awards in 2021-22 are:

Dr Marco Biasioli (Russian, University of Nottingham) for A Small-Scale Russia: Indi Identity in Russian Popular Music Culture (2008-2018). Dr Biasioli’s monograph analyses the cultural phenomenon of Russian independent music (indi). It argues that indi reflects, in miniature, Russian society as a whole, and is heavily ‘dependent’ on political shifts. From the hope for modernisation of Putin’s first two terms and Medvedev’s interregnum (2000-2012) to the isolationism of Putin’s third and fourth term (2012-present), indi has been entangled with – rather than opposed to – Russia’s fluctuating narratives of national identity.

Dr Sara Boezio (Italian, University of Warwick) for Italy and the European Fin de Siècle: The Century’s Turn in the Printed Media of the 1890s-1900s. Dr Boezio’s monograph examines the key-factors and the implications of the self-positioning of the end of the nineteenth century as an epochal turning point. It investigates the circumstances that generated new time perceptions and historical representations during the fin de siècle, with particular reference to the Italian culture, through a cultural-history and history-of-ideas framework.

Dr Alexander Brown (German, Newcastle University) for ‘Purging Cosmopolitanism’? Paul Merker and the Politics of Memory. Dr Brown’s monograph examines state-mandated, post-unification portrayals of communist-oriented opposition in East Germany through an engagement with critical ideology theory and, in particular, presents groundbreaking research into the ‘Merker affair’.

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