Legenda is launching its new Visual Culture series with what we hope we can say is an ambitious slate of five opening titles. This is number 5, and the others are here, here, here, and here; you can also read the series announcement or meet the editors.

Seeing in Tongues: Modern Languages and Visual Culture is a big and ambitious new collective volume, which aims in some ways to set out everything this book series is all about: in particular, it brings together literature and the visual. We live in a world saturated by both the word and the image, and in which snippets and styles of both are constantly flowing through and around us. But it is all too easy to see these as being somehow categorically different, and regard them as to be studied by quite different techniques, and in light of different sets of ideas by two separate camps of professors. Seeing in Tongues is very much aiming to be the reverse of that, and we're very pleased that it will be the first collective volume in Visual Culture.

Seeing in Tongues is due out in our Visual Culture series in 2022.

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