An especially pleasing moment after the creation of a new series comes when we can announce a non-launch title, that is, a good honestly-come-by book which we accepted in the normal way that an ongoing series does. It's a sign that the series is properly in business. And this moment comes for the Visual Culture with the announcement of VC 6, which will be Intermedia in Italy: From Futurism to Digital Convergence, a new book jointly written by Clodagh Brook, Florian Mussgnug and Giuliana Pieri. (Not edited by Clodagh, Florian and Giuliana — written by them, as collaborative authors.)

The book has its heart the fertile, not to say febrile, world of twentieth-century Italian art, a time when new media and new ways to use them were constantly being invented. It runs all of the way from early cinema and Futurism to postmodernist authors such as Wu Ming. (It's especially pleasing to see Wu, who is by some margin the most recently-born cultural figure in the Legenda index — 'he' was invented rather than born, and only in the year 2000.)

Intermedia in Italy is due out in our Visual Culture series in 2022 or 2023.

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