We today announce the forthcoming volume A Gaping Wound: Mourning in Italian Poetry, edited by Adele Bardazzi, Francesco Giusti, and Emanuela Tandello, which will be Italian Perspectives 54. This book already has a quite extraordinary cover. Those who suffer from trypophobia, the sense of disquiet at seeing things with holes in, may want to look away now:

We are very grateful to the Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri for permission to use this photograph of Alberto Burri's 1966 work Rosso Plastica L.A., executed in "plastica, combustione su cellotex". Celotex, which Burri always gave an extra L to make Cellotex, is an insulation material made of wppd scraps glue: at this time in his long career, while living near Los Angeles and drawing inspiration from the desert landscape, he was combining such materials to make arrestingly vivid images.

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