Legenda and JSTOR logos

JSTOR is a non-profit platform originally founded back in 1995 — 1995! — for the reliable, long-term storage of electronic journals: in fact, its name is nothing more than a contract of Journal Storage. As often happens with on-the-nose trade names, though — consider International Business Machines, or American Telephone & Telegraph — the J part of JSTOR has become an anachronism, or at least, no longer the whole story. Since 2012, JSTOR has also offered a flourishing platform for e-books under the Books@JSTOR banner, and MHRA was an early partner. Most of our titles in the Texts and Translations imprint are there: see this rundown.

Legenda's ebook story comes in two halves because of its business history. Titles published before October 2016 are distributed by Routledge on our behalf: so ebooks of those are being released by Taylor & Francis, Routledge's parent company. For titles from October 2016 onwards, with just two exceptions for legal rights reasons, we can now announce that all Legenda books are now available on Books@JSTOR: 109 books in all.

This comes as good news for some of our colleagues organising reading lists for the new academic year's courses, with many university courses beginning to shift much further towards ebook usage: we've had numerous enquiries in recent months, and it's good to be able to meet this demand. Future Legenda titles will be issued more or less simultaneously in hardback and in ebook form, so over 20 more will appear later this month.

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