We congratulate Paola Cori, whose book Forms of Thinking in Leopardi’s Zibaldone: Religion, Science and Everyday Life in an Age of Disenchantment won the American Association for Italian Studies's prize for the best book of 2019 in the capacious Renaissance-through-to-19th-century category. This is the first time a Legenda book has won the AAIS Book Prize.

Paola's book concerns the sprawling and extraordinary miscellaneous notebook kept by the great Italian romantic Giacomo Leopardi — a positive labyrinth of literature and philosophy, a book which is not quite a diary but not without personal experience either: it both stands apart from Leopardi's more traditionally written work, and underpins it.

In addition to the library hardback already published, a student-priced paperback of Paola's book will appear in early 2021.

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