Sonia Gollance has been awarded the 2017 Best Article Award by the Coalition of Women in German:

Here's their citation:

“‘Spaß mit der schönen Jüdin’. Mixed Space and Dancing in Karl Emil Franzo’s Judith Trachtenberg.” This article was published in 2016 in Austrian Studies and analyzes the topic of dance as mixed-sex leisure culture in nineteenth-century literature through skillful close-readings of Austrian writer Karl Emil Franzos’s Judith Trachtenberg (1891). Gollane focuses on the depiction of the dance floor as a significant social space in traditional Jewish communities of Galicia; by contextualizing the literary space of the dance floor within the European discourse on corporeality and Jewishness in the era of Emancipation, she shows how Franzos engaged the topic of dancing to spark conversations around social reform by depicting the limitations in social mobility for Jews. Gollance creatively employs literary dance studies methodologies to analyze the quadrille as a literary tool, and thereby lucidly presents this popular didactic text for its social and class-based transgressions from a new angle. Her conclusion that the text makes a broad point about how Habsburg society has failed Jews in general and Jewish women in particular makes a significant contribution to interdisciplinary and intersectional gender studies, Habsburg scholarship, and literary dance studies.

We congratulate Professor Gollance! The issue can be found here, and the article can be read on JSTOR by following the link on that page.

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