In 2018-19, the MHRA expanded its Research Scholarship programme, making four awards in total. Applications are now open for academic year 2019-20. Full details can be found on our Funding page.

The Research Scholarships support early career researchers who, having completed a Ph.D., are developing their thesis into what will become their first book. The four scholars who received awards in 2018-19 are:

Dr Georgina Barker (Russian, University of Exeter) for USSR Meets SPQR: Classical Antiquity in the Poetry of Elena Shvarts, which explores Shvarts’s oeuvre through the lens of one of her most prominent themes: classical reception.

Dr Matthew Coneys (Italian, University of London) for the Book of John Mandeville. Dr Coneys’ monograph will examine the circulation and reception of the Book of John Mandeville in northern and central Italy from 1388 to 1567: a period stretching from the text’s arrival in the peninsula to the publication of the final Italian printed edition.

Dr Polly Dickson (German, University of Cambridge) for her project comparing the works of E.T.A. Hoffmann and Honoré de Balzac. Whilst their representational practices are usually understood to be worlds apart — Hoffmann as a representative of German ‘Schauerromantik’, Balzac as the father of French Realism — Dr Dickson’s monograph will develop an argument for the crossover between their literary modes by offering a fresh account of mimesis: the tacit claim made by a narrative to imitate forms found in the world.

Dr Marieke Mueller (French, King’s College London) for Flaubert as Example: Sartre’s Family Idiot in Context. Dr Mueller’s monograph will present a detailed, systematic and comparative analysis of Sartre’s L’Idiot de la famille, which will be the first of its kind, both addressing a specialist public and providing access to an important but difficult text to a wider group of interested readers.

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