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A fruitful collaboration between Legenda and the Fondation Barbier-Mueller, a Geneva-based foundation dedicated to the study of the Italian Renissance, produced two remarkable books at the end of 2016: a biography of Pietro Bembo, Cardinal and all-round Renaissance man, by Marco Faini; and a volume of literary responses to the Renaissance edited by Michel Jeanneret and Nicolas Ducimetière, in which many leading European writers of today reflect on this heritage.

Both volumes are due out in paperback very shortly (indeed, the paperbacks are already at the printers), and a presentation of the volumes will be held on Monday 23 April at the Warburg Institute, London, at 5.30pm. Attendance is free of charge and all are welcome, but those intending to come are asked to pre-register at:

The speakers will be Brian Richardson, Marina Warner and Michel Jeanneret.

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