Congratulations to Austrian Studies on the publication of Celebrations: Festkultur in Austria, edited by Florian Krobb and Deborah Holmes, which is volume 25 and therefore the Silver Jubilee number in our series of yearbooks.

Book coverBook cover

The silver jubilee of Austrian Studies is one of a number of celebrations which happily coincide with MHRA's centenary year: we shall also be publishing the 400th Legenda book, for example. Beginning with Edinburgh University Press, as the creation of Ritchie Robertson and Edward Timms, the yearbook moved to MHRA in 2003. Both Ritchie and Edward write for this issue, and the Introduction reunites editors old and new to record the journal's history. Besides that, it's the largest annual volume since the much-cited Red Vienna number (no. 14), and covers all forms of Austrian celebration. The cover shows an Imperial march, but the Festivals covered in the book are by no means all as conventional as that. The 1907 Slet, for example — a sort of Austrian cultural Olympics, which reached its height at just about the time that the modern Olympic movement was getting under way — included enormous outdoor tableaux vivants, and "mass theatre carried out on the exercise field that portrayed the Hussite victory over the armies of Emperor Sigismund at Německý Brod in 122 in the form of a gigantic chess game."

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