Our two editions of the poet and critic Arthur Symons, Spiritual Adventures and Selected Early Poems, are the basis of the lead article in this week's Times Literary Supplement, by Kate Hext; she also kindly gives a shout-out to our forthcoming critical volume on Arthur, which is currently in proof and will be published under the Legenda imprint this Spring. We are, as Kate wryly remarks, in the midst of a Symons revival. The accolade 'One of the gods' is by Ezra Pound, rather than Kate, who is a little more wary about what to make of this 'literary chameleon': but she certainly does approve of our editions of him.

I'd link to Kate's essay directly, but the content database behind the normally infallible TLS website is currently confused about whether this issue is for January 12, 2017, or 2018 — it's 2018, of course. This search link should produce the Symons essay as one of the top results, in any case.

Update: Impressively, when I emailed the TLS about this, they fixed it within 11 minutes. Kudos. The direct link to the issue is: https://www.the-tls.co.uk/editions/january-12-2018

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