We are pleased to announce a new forthcoming title: a double bill, in fact — Goethe, The Natural Daughter; Schiller, The Bride of Messina. This new edition, translated by Francis Lamport, will be volume 13 in New Translations.

Die Braut von Messina, which sees Paganism and Christianity clash on Sicily, has a certain old-world flavour to it, drawing on the tropes of ancient Greek drama: but you can't keep a good play in the past, and here it is in a more modern staging, via its adaptation into Czech opera as Nevěsta messinská:

Die Natürliche Tochter, also 1803, is also a little classical in style. Eugenia, the daughter, is the illegitimate daughter of a Duke, but is kidnapped by a fanatical Cleric, and seems fated to be shipped off to a penal island when — but that would be telling. We hope to publish in Spring 2018.

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