We are pleased to announce the publication of Un Dit moral contre Fortune: A critical edition of MS Paris, BnF, fr. 25 418, edited by Glynnis M. Cropp in association with John Keith Atkinson, which will be volume 6 in our European Translations series.

It is hard to overstate Boethius's importance to readers throughout Europe over a period of at least a thousand years, and Un Dit moral contre Fortune is only one of twelve known medieval French translations of the Consolatio. In fact, it will be the second to be published by MHRA: see also Böece de Confort remanié, which was European Translations 1. That very profusion makes good editions of the translations essential to scholars attempting to follow the reception of Boethius. As a reviewer in Medioevo romanzo remarked of our first volume, also edited by Professor Cropp,

'Le plus grand mérite de ce volume réside sans doute dans la précision avec laquelle son auteure a édité le texte [...] Nous voudrions souligner ... l’utilité des Annexes ... qui constitueront des aides précieuses pour les chercheurs qui travailleront sur les différentes versions des traductions et des commentaires médiévaux de Boèce.'

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