When our books are reviewed in journals and newspapers, we like to record a citation on this website. Well: our 1000th citation has just gone up, a nice notice in the Journal of European Studies by Clive Scott of Valentina Gossetti's book on Gaspard de la Nuit. He's kind enough to call it absorbing and hugely valuable.

We probably won't stay at 1000 for long, but for now this review occupies the top spot on our page of recently-received reviews. There are probably more than 1000 out there, of course: journals are supposed to send us offprints, usually by email nowadays, but they often forget, so we always ask authors to forward on anything they've seen.

1000 is a larger number than people sometimes think. It's about the UK life expectancy, measured in months. 1000 years ago, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, "King Canute took to the whole government of England." 1000 human generations ago there were Neanderthals. If you consumed a tube of Smarties every day for three weeks, you'd have eaten about 1000 Smarties. Elvis Presley told his stepmother that he had had 1000 girlfriends (though this is disputed, and tends to hang on the definition of the word "girlfriend"). The human eye can differentiate 1000 shades of grey. (Not 50.) The total number of people who have ever gone into space is still well below 1000. On a larger scale, the supergiant star Rigel is not quite 1000 light-years away, and that's a lucky break for us, since it will some day go supernova: much closer and we'd be toast. Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, is about 1000m high. There are 1000 churches in London.

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