We are sad to hear of the passing of William Rothwell, who died on 15 October. He was the General Editor of the Anglo-Norman Dictionary, now an important and ambitious online project but at one time an MHRA publication. In the words of the AND website:

Although the AND embodies the knowledge and skills of many scholars worldwide, it was above all his vision, energy, determination and tireless dedication that shaped and guided the undertaking in its growth towards the scope and standing it enjoys today

William Rothwell was also a frequent contributor to Modern Language Review, and one of his articles was chosen for our centenary supplement, One Hundred Years of MLR, which is now online at this site. For a taste of his deep scholarship and elegance of expression, then, see Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice: From Oriental Bazar to English Cloister in Anglo-French, first published in 1999.

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