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Austrian Studies is a yearbook devoted to reflecting sustained interest in the distinctive cultural traditions of the Habsburg Empire, the Austrian Republics and the period of German annexation. Its focus is Austrian culture from 1750 to the present. Contributions are also encouraged on the culture of former areas of the Habsburg Empire and on the work of people of Austrian origin living abroad. The General Editors are Deborah Holmes (, Caitríona Ní Dhúill (, and Dora Osborne (; the Reviews Editor is Katya Krylova (

Austrian Studies publishes articles in English together with a selection of book reviews, with the aim of making recent research accessible to a broadly based international readership. Each volume has a coherent but wide-ranging theme.

Call for Papers: AS 29 (2021) and 30 (2022). Each themed issue proceeds through a Call for Papers; the CFP for Austrian Studies 30 Anthropocene Austria is here, and for AS 31 Austrian Travel Writing is here.

Guidelines for Submission. Detailed guidance for those proposing papers can be found in this PDF document. Articles submitted to Austrian Studies must adhere to the MHRA Style Guide. Unsolicited articles with no immediate relevance to the current thematic calls are also welcome, but can only be included in future issues if critical mass accrues. Suggestions for book reviews and features (anniversaries, obituaries, etc.) are always welcome. Finally, colleagues who would like to discuss possible future issues, for which they would act as guest editors, are invited to contact the General Editors.

Books for review. Each Austrian Studies yearbook carries a substantial reviews section. Publishers wishing to submit books for review should contact the Reviews Editor, Dr Katya Krylova, at:

Editorial. For queries on layout or image format, please contact the Production Editor, Graham Nelson. To submit copyright forms, please contact the Assistant Treasurer of the MHRA, Jeremy Wong.

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History. Austrian Studies began as a yearbook issued by Edinburgh University Press in 1990, and volumes 1 to 10 appeared annually under the joint editorship of Ritchie Robertson and Edward Timms. MHRA acquired the series from volume 11, issuing 11 to 16 through Maney Publishing and all subsequent volumes under its own imprint. Copyright enquiries concerning volumes 11 to the present may be addressed to; rights to earlier volumes remain with EUP.

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  • General Editor: Deborah Holmes (University of Salzburg)
  • General Editor: Caitríona Ní Dhúill (University College Cork)
  • General Editor: Dora Osborne (University of St Andrews)
  • Reviews Editor: Katya Krylova (University of Aberdeen)

Advisory Board

  • Professor Andrew Barker (University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Judith Beniston (University College London)
  • Dr Gilbert J. Carr (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Professor Geoffrey Chew (Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • Professor Gary B. Cohen (Center for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
  • Professor R. J. W. Evans (Oriel College, Oxford)
  • Professor Allyson Fiddler (Lancaster University)
  • Professor Konstanze Fliedl (Universität Wien)
  • Professor Sander L. Gilman (Emory University)
  • Professor Hans Höller (Universität Salzburg)
  • Professor Jacques Le Rider (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris)
  • Professor Robert Pynsent (SSEES, University College London)
  • Professor Ritchie Robertson (The Queen’s College, Oxford )
  • Professor Eda Sagarra (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Professor Sigurd Paul Scheichl (Universität Innsbruck)
  • Professor Janet Stewart (Durham University)
  • Professor Robert Vilain (University of Bristol)
  • Professor Andrew Webber (Churchill College, Cambridge)
  • Professor W. E. Yates (University of Exeter)

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Also available in book form:23. Translating Austria (Edited by Florian Krobb and Deborah Holmes)

33Austria and Film in the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Katya Krylova and Dora Osborne 
Austrian Studies 331 December 2025
32Reading Bachmann Now
Edited by Andrea Capovilla, Katya Krylova and Marlen Mairhofer 
Austrian Studies 321 December 2024
31Austrian Travel Writing
Edited by Florian Krobb and Caitriona Leahy 
Austrian Studies 3123 February 2024
30Anthropocene Austria
Edited by Caitríona Ní Dhúill and Nicola Thomas
Austrian Studies 3026 January 2023
29Uncanny Valleys: Austrian Literature and Film in the New Millennium
Edited by Heide Kunzelmann and Lyn Marven
Austrian Studies 2924 December 2021
28Fragments of Empire: Austrian Modernisms and the Habsburg Imaginary
Edited by Clemens Peck and Deborah Holmes
Austrian Studies 2815 December 2020
27Placing Schnitzler
Edited by Judith Beniston and Andrew Webber
Austrian Studies 2725 January 2020
26Austria in Transit: Displacement and the Nation-State
Edited by Áine McMurtry and Deborah Holmes
Austrian Studies 2629 March 2019
25Celebrations: Festkultur in Austria
Edited by Florian Krobb and Deborah Holmes
Austrian Studies 2516 February 2018
24Jews, Jewish Difference and Austrian Culture: Literary and Historical Perspectives
Edited by Deborah Holmes and Lisa Silverman
Austrian Studies 2410 February 2017
23Translating Austria
Edited by Florian Krobb and Deborah Holmes
Austrian Studies 237 March 2016
22Elfriede Jelinek in the Arena: Sport, Cultural Understanding and Translation to Page and Stage
Edited by Allyson Fiddler and Karen Jürs-Munby
Austrian Studies 2229 December 2014
21Cultures at War: Austria-Hungary 1914–1918
Edited by Judith Beniston and Deborah Holmes
Austrian Studies 211 January 2014
20Colonial Austria: Austria and the Overseas
Edited by Jon Hughes and Florian Krobb
Austrian Studies 2014 January 2013
19The Austrian Noughties: Texts, Films, Debates
Edited by Allyson Fiddler, Jon Hughes and Florian Krobb
Austrian Studies 1910 December 2011
18Austria and the Alps
Edited by Judith Beniston and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 185 September 2011
17Words and Music
Edited by Judith Beniston, Geoffrey Chew and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 1724 May 2010
16From 'Ausgleich' to 'Jahrhundertwende': Literature and Culture, 1867–1890
Edited by Judith Beniston, Deborah Holmes and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 1611 May 2009
15Austrian Satire and Other Essays
Edited by Judith Beniston, Ritchie Robertson and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 1512 December 2007
14Culture and Politics in Red Vienna
Edited by Judith Beniston and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 141 November 2006
13Austria and France
Edited by Judith Beniston and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 137 December 2005
12The Austrian Lyric
Edited by Judith Beniston and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 121 January 2004
11'Hitler's First Victim'? Memory and Representation in Post-War Austria
Edited by Judith Beniston and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 111 January 2003
10Catholicism and Austrian Culture
Edited by Judith Beniston and Ritchie Robertson
Austrian Studies 1027 September 1999
9The Austrian Comic Tradition: Studies in Honour of W. E. Yates
Edited by John R. P. McKenzie and Lesley Sharpe
Austrian Studies 93 July 1998