From the flagship Modern Language Review, founded 1905, to the innovative electronic platform Working Papers in the Humanities, founded 2006, MHRA's journals are among the most authoritative in the field.

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Modern Language Review

Modern Language Review is the flagship journal of the Association, and is available to all individual members as part of their subscription. MLR is one of the oldest journals in its field, maintaining an unbroken publication record since its foundation in 1905, and publishing more than 3,000 articles and 20,000 book reviews. The General Editor is Duncan Wheeler.

Each volume consists of four issues, published in January, April, July, and October of each year. Its 1000+ annual pages are divided roughly equally between articles, predominantly on medieval and modern literature in the languages of Europe, and over 500 reviews of books in these areas. All contributions are in English. Articles are chosen not only for their scholarly worth and originality but also, as far as possible, for their potential interest to a wider readership in other disciplines. No correspondence is published, nor are advertisements carried.

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Austrian Studies

Austrian Studies is a yearbook devoted to reflecting sustained interest in the distinctive cultural traditions of the Habsburg Empire, the Austrian Republics and the period of German annexation. Its focus is Austrian culture from 1750 to the present. Contributions are also encouraged on the culture of former areas of the Habsburg Empire and on the work of people of Austrian origin living abroad. The General Editors are Deborah Holmes (, Caitríona Ní Dhúill (, and Dora Osborne (; the Reviews Editor is Katya Krylova (

Austrian Studies publishes articles in English together with a selection of book reviews, with the aim of making recent research accessible to a broadly based international readership. Each volume has a coherent but wide-ranging theme.

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Portuguese Studies

Portuguese Studies is a peer-reviewed biannual multi-disciplinary journal devoted to research on the cultures, literatures, history and societies of the Lusophone world. The Lead Editor of the Editorial Board is Jane-Marie Collins, and the Reviews Editors are Maria Tavares and Carlos Garrido.

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Slavonic and East European Review

Slavonic and East European Review, the journal of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, is published by the Modern Humanities Research Association and UCL SSEES.

Each volume consists of four issues, published in January, April, July, and October of each year. Its 800+ annual pages include articles, review-articles, book reviews, marginalia, and original documents.

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Yearbook of English Studies

The Yearbook of English Studies is devoted to the language and literatures of the English-speaking world. Originally a miscellaneous supplement to the Modern Language Review, it is now an annual volume of specially commissioned articles on a broad topic or theme. The general editor is Dr Richard Adelman.

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MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities

MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities is a fully peer-reviewed electronic open-access journal intended to allow researchers to present initial findings or hypotheses. As such it will be of particular interest to postgraduate researchers, though established scholars are also invited to submit papers.

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The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature

The Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature is widely regarded as one of the most important bibliographical sources for English studies, and an indispensable tool for scholars in this field.

The Bibliography aims to list annually all scholarly articles, books and reviews concerning English language and literature and related topics published anywhere in the world, and in any language. (Education and pedagogical subjects, and the medical application of linguistics, are excluded.)

The list of subjects covered includes: Drama; Poetry; Fiction; Biography; Literary Theory; Film; Bibliography; Traditional Culture; Onomastics; Lexicography; Dialectology.

The annual ABELL volume is available in print (clothbound hardcover) via subscription. A cumulative database version of ABELL, updated monthly, is available online from ProQuest, both in its own right, and as a part of the Literature Online service. This database now includes more than one million records.

The Editor is Anke Schumacher.

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The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies (now owned elsewhere)

The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies is a selective annual bibliography of work in the field, and is now published by Brill: please see their press release of 8 August 2016. The home page for YWMLS is now here.

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Oxford German Studies (now owned elsewhere)

Oxford German Studies is now published by Taylor & Francis: follow this link to go to its home page, at T&F's website.

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