Tudor and Stuart Translations

Texts and Translations book series

MHRA Translations is a major programme to edit and reissue historical translations which played an important part in the reception of European literature, but which are now inaccessible; and to commission new translations into English of works hitherto translated imperfectly or not at all. Titles appear in three broad series:

  • Tudor and Stuart Translations draws from the wealth of continental and classical texts coming to English in the Tudor and Stewart periods.
  • European Translations has a more general remit, making available translations or dramatic adaptations important in the reception history of any period up to 1900, and from and into any European language.
  • New Translations brings major works into reliable English translation for the first time.

Proposals. The aim of the Tudor and Stuart Translations is to create a representative library of works translated into English during the early modern period for the use of scholars and students. Volumes may include both substantial single works and selections of texts from major authors, with the emphasis being on those works most familiar to early modern readers. Texts should be newly edited in modernized spelling with substantial introductions, notes and glossaries. Those wishing to propose a volume should in the first instance contact the General Editors.

Subvention. Authors in this series are not required to raise any subsidy or subvention, but are responsible in the usual way if any rights fees arise from illustrations or other copyright material included.

Review copies. Journals wishing to review books in this series should please contact mail@mhra.org.uk to request copies.

History. Planning for the Tudor and Stuart Translations began in 2008, with the first titles, including a highly acclaimed edition of Gavin Douglas's Aeneid, appearing in 2011. The series was given a similar scope to that of the original Tudor Translations, published early in the 20th century, though with a very different range of texts.

General Editors

  • Professor Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex)
  • Professor Neil Rhodes (University of St Andrews)

Associate Editors

  • Guyda Armstrong (Manchester University)
  • Fred Schurink (University of Northumbria)
  • Louise Wilson (St Andrews)

Advisory Board

  • Warren Boutcher (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Colin Burrow (All Souls College, Oxford)
  • A. E. B. Coldiron (Florida State University)
  • Jose Maria Perez Fernandez (University of Granada)
  • Robert S. Miola (Loyola College, Maryland)
  • Alessandra Petrina (University of Padua)
  • Anne Lake Prescott (Barnard College, Columbia University)
  • Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary, London)
  • Alan Stewart (Columbia University)
29The Strife of Love in a Dreame
Edited by Katie Reid 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 2930 September 2023
28The First English Pastor Fido (1602)
Edited by Massimiliano Morini 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 2831 December 2022
27Petrarch's Triumphi in English
Edited by Alessandra Petrina
Tudor and Stuart Translations 2720 August 2020
26/3Erasmus in English 1523-1584, Volume III: The Colloquies
Edited by Harriet Archer 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 26/3 of 330 June 2023
26/2Erasmus in English 1523-1584, Volume II: The Praise of Folly and Other Writings
Edited by Alex Davis, Gordon Kendal and Neil Rhodes 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 26/2 of 330 June 2022
26/1Erasmus in English 1523-1584, Volume I: The Manual of the Christian Soldier and Other Writings
Edited by Alex Davis, Gordon Kendal and Neil Rhodes 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 26/1 of 330 June 2022
25Thomas Newton, Four Treatises by Cicero: Discourses on Friendship; Old Age; Paradoxes, and Scipio’s Dream (1577)
Edited by Mandy Green 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 25
24Thomas Elyot, The Image of Governance and Other Dialogues of Counsel (1533–1541)
Edited by David Carlson
Tudor and Stuart Translations 2412 November 2018
23The Italian Romance Epic in English 1590-1600
Edited by Joshua Reid 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 23
22An Apology or Answer in Defence of The Church Of England: Lady Anne Bacon's Translation of Bishop John Jewel's Apologia Ecclesiae Anglicanae
Edited by Patricia Demers
Tudor and Stuart Translations 221 January 2016
21George Chapman: Homer's Odyssey
Edited by Gordon Kendal
Tudor and Stuart Translations 2116 September 2016
20George Chapman: Homer's Iliad
Edited by Robert S. Miola
Tudor and Stuart Translations 2011 September 2017
19The Psalms in English, 1530-1633
Edited by Hannibal Hamlin 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 19
18Thomas May, Lucan's Pharsalia (1627)
Edited by Emma Buckley and Edward Paleit 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 187 December 2020
17Richard Carew, The Examination of Men's Wits
Edited by Rocío G. Sumillera
Tudor and Stuart Translations 171 August 2014
16Robert Garnier in Elizabethan England: Mary Sidney Herbert’s Antonius and Thomas Kyd’s Cornelia
Edited by Marie-Alice Belle and Line Cottegnies
Tudor and Stuart Translations 1611 September 2017
15Anthony Munday, The First Part of Palmerin of England
Edited by Louise Wilson 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 15
14Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo, A Tracte Containing the Artes of Curious Paintinge, Caruinge & Buildinge, translated by Richard Haydocke
Edited by Alexander Marr 
Tudor and Stuart Translations 14
13William Barker, Xenophon's 'Cyropædia'
Edited by Jane Grogan
Tudor and Stuart Translations 1320 March 2020
12Arthur Golding’s A Moral Fabletalk and Other Renaissance Fable Translations
Edited by Liza Blake and Kathryn Vomero Santos
Tudor and Stuart Translations 123 January 2017
11Margaret Tyler, Mirror of Princely Deeds and Knighthood
Edited by Joyce Boro
Tudor and Stuart Translations 111 July 2014
10James Mabbe, The Spanish Bawd
Edited by José María Pérez Fernández
Tudor and Stuart Translations 101 October 2013
9English Renaissance Translation Theory
Edited by Neil Rhodes with Gordon Kendal and Louise Wilson
Tudor and Stuart Translations 91 August 2013
8Elizabethan Seneca: Three Tragedies
Edited by James Ker and Jessica Winston
Tudor and Stuart Translations 81 October 2012
7/2Gavin Douglas, The Aeneid (1513): Part Two: Books IX – XIII, Appendices, Glossary, Index
Edited by Gordon Kendal
Tudor and Stuart Translations 7/2 of 21 September 2011