From Chapter 7, 'Italics'

7.4   Titles of Films, Musical Compositions, and Works of Art

Titles of films, substantial musical compositions, and works of art are italicized:

The Great Dictator; Il trovatore; Elijah; Swan Lake; Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony; Tapiola; Die schöne Müllerin; Goyescas; The Haywain; The Laughing Cavalier; Epstein’s Christ in Majesty

Descriptive or numerical titles such as the following, however, take neither italics (except in a reference to a publication or recording: see 11.2.16) nor quotation marks:

Beethoven’s Third Symphony; Bach’s Mass in B minor; Mendelssohn’s Andante and Scherzo; Piano Concerto no. 1 in B flat minor

Titles of songs and other short individual pieces (like those of poems; see 7.3) are given in roman and within single quotation marks:

‘Who is Sylvia?’; ‘La Marseillaise’; ‘Mercury, the Winged Messenger’ from Holst’s The Planets

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