From Chapter 11, 'References'

11.5   Cross-References

Avoid, as far as possible, cross-references within an article or book. The page numbers in the printed article or book will not, of course, coincide with those in the typescript, and numerous references of this kind will therefore involve considerable extra work for author, editor, and typesetter, and will increase the possibility of error. Cross-references to pages can sometimes be avoided by giving references to chapters, sections, or notes, if the notes are numbered consecutively throughout each chapter or article: ‘See Chapter 3’, ‘See Section 4.3’, ‘See Chapter 4, n. 7’, ‘See above at n. 8’. Use ‘above’ and ‘below’, not ‘supra’ and ‘infra’. In your word-processed document, do not use automatic cross-reference tags or codes referring to databases rather than containing actual text.

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