From Chapter 1, 'Preparing Material For Publication'

1.5   Order of Parts of a Book

Before submission to editor or publisher, the text of a book should be arranged in the order requested by the publisher. Authors undertaking the typesetting of a book should have regard to this order, and to which pages (generally preliminaries) may be conventionally typeset in a series with standing matter or an established format.

The typescript of a book should be arranged in the order requested by the publisher. The following order is preferred for MHRA publications:

Half-title (the full title, including any subtitle, of the book, and the title of the series and the volume number in that series, if applicable; the name of the author does not normally appear); the verso of this page is usually left blank when the book is printed or may carry a frontispiece

Title page

Bibliographical details (name and address of the publisher and printer, copyright statement, International Standard Book Number (ISBN), Cataloguing-in-Publication Data, etc.); this page may be left blank by the author and the details supplied by the editor and publisher

Dedication or epigraph (the verso is left blank)

Contents list

List of illustrations (figures, maps, plates, in that order)

Foreword (by someone other than the author)

Author’s preface

Acknowledgements (if not included in the author’s preface)

List of abbreviations and/or glossary if these are necessary to an understanding of the text; otherwise they may be placed towards the end of the book, before the bibliography

Introduction (unless this constitutes the first chapter of the text)


Appendix or appendices

Notes and references (for the whole text)


Index or indexes

Few books will include everything listed above; some items may be requested at a late stage in production.

The copyright should be indicated thus: international copyright symbol (©); name of holder of copyright; year of first publication. The printer’s name and usual place of business must appear on the first or last leaf of the publication and may conveniently be combined with the publisher’s imprint. The preliminary pages (‘prelims’), comprising all items before the main text, are usually numbered in lower-case roman numerals; though these numbers are not printed on certain pages (half-title, title, etc.), they are counted in the sequence. Arabic numbering usually begins on the first page of the text. However, since the page numbers cannot be added by the printer until the page proofs are prepared, all the pages of the typescript should be numbered in one (arabic) sequence throughout (see 1.3.7).

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