From Chapter 1, 'Preparing Material For Publication'

1.4   Author-Typeset Formats

1.4.1   General

Where economy or speed is an important concern, or for specialized material requiring precise layout that could not easily be retypeset, an author may be asked to prepare typeset pages in the final form in which they are to be published. This may apply to entire monographs, to items in newsletters or collections, or to preprints of conference papers. The author should be guided by the instructions of the volume or series editor on issues of style, usage, and formatting, to ensure consistency within the volume and between volumes. For MHRA volumes prepared by this means, authors should follow this Style Guide.

1.4.2   Direct Electronic Submission

Word-processing and desktop publishing (DTP) software allows authors to submit their content digitally as made-up pages. This may take the form of files in the format of the program used, or PostScript or PDF files, which are used by the printer to produce printing plates. As always, it is essential to consult the editor about file formats and methods of transferring files before beginning work, and authors should still have regard to matters of style and layout.

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