From Chapter 1, 'Preparing Material For Publication'

1.2   General

1.2.1   Preferred Styles

When preparing a text for publication, the author should take due account of the ‘Notes for Contributors’ or ‘Instructions to Authors’ of the journal or series. These will specify the form in which articles or book typescripts should be submitted for consideration, and the organization of copy in articles for publication (such as the positioning of abstracts and details of the author’s affiliation). While some publications have their own style books or style sheets, most base their ‘Notes’ on a common guide to style such as this Style Guide, with additional specific requirements depending on the preference of their editors, publisher, or printer. Contributors to the MHRA publications The Slavonic and East European Review and The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies should note that each of these has certain conventions that differ somewhat from those laid down in this Style Guide.

If your text incorporates material received from other authors, ensure that it conforms to your own layout.

Once a text has been accepted for publication, editors will normally ask the author to prepare a final revised version of the text, including corrections in conformity with the house style of the publication, in addition to any substantive revisions recommended by readers.

1.2.2   Electronic Submission

Always ask your editor what computer file formats, media, and methods of transmission (e.g. disk, email, file upload) are acceptable if this information does not appear in supplied guidelines. The editor will often express a preference for a particular word-processor format (and graphics format where appropriate). If disks or other memory devices are supplied, these should be identified clearly, and the name and details of the version of the software used should be provided.

1.2.3   Checking

The final version of copy should be carefully checked before delivery. All quotations should be checked against originals, and not merely against previous drafts of the work. Authors are responsible for the completeness and correctness of references. Ensure that no extraneous comments or queries are embedded in the file. Editors will normally regard the revised version of an article as final and may refuse to accept substantive alterations to proofs or may charge for author corrections.

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