Germanic Literatures

Legenda book series


Germanic Literatures includes monographs and essay collections on literature originally written not only in German, but also in Dutch and the Scandinavian languages. Within the German-speaking area, it seeks also to publish studies of other national literatures such as those of Austria and Switzerland. The chronological scope of the series extends from the early Middle Ages down to the present day.

While the focus of Germanic Literatures is on written culture, Legenda also publishes on German film and television in the Moving Image series. Material on Yiddish literature and culture would similarly find a natural home with Studies in Yiddish.

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Subvention. Authors in this series are not required to raise any subsidy or subvention, but are responsible in the usual way if any rights fees arise from illustrations or other copyright material included.

History. Germanic Literatures was founded by Ritchie Robertson, and began publishing in 2013.

Editorial Committee

  • Convenor: Professor Ritchie Robertson (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Barbara Burns (University of Glasgow)
  • Professor Jane Fenoulhet (University College London)
  • Professor Anne Fuchs (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen (University College London)
  • Professor Annette Volfing (University of Oxford)
  • Professor Susanne Kord (University College London)
  • Professor John Zilcosky (University of Toronto)
16Paul Celan’s Unfinished Poetics: Readings in the Sous-Oeuvre
Thomas C. Connolly 
Germanic Literatures 1615 February 2018
15Foreign Parts: German and Austrian Actors on the British Stage 1933-1960
Richard Dove 
Germanic Literatures 156 March 2017
14Yvan Goll: The Thwarted Pursuit of the Whole
Robert Vilain 
Germanic Literatures 14
13Isak Dinesen Reading Søren Kierkegaard: On Christianity, Seduction, Gender, and Repetition
Mads Bunch 
Germanic Literatures 136 March 2017
12Structures of Subjugation in Dutch Literature
Judit Gera 
Germanic Literatures 1219 December 2016
11E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Orient: Romantic Aesthetics and the German Imagination
Joanna Neilly 
Germanic Literatures 1119 December 2016
10Comedy and Trauma in Germany and Austria after 1945: The Inner Side of Mourning
Stephanie Bird 
Germanic Literatures 1019 December 2016
9Metamorphosis in Modern German Literature: Transforming Bodies, Identities and Affects
Tara Beaney 
Germanic Literatures 919 December 2016
8Fontane and Cultural Mediation: Translation and Reception in Nineteenth-Century German Literature
Edited by Ritchie Robertson and Michael White
Germanic Literatures 811 September 2015
7Goethe's Poetry and the Philosophy of Nature: Gott und Welt 1798-1827
Regina Sachers
Germanic Literatures 722 July 2015
6Women, Emancipation and the German Novel 1871-1910: Protest Fiction in its Cultural Context
Charlotte Woodford
Germanic Literatures 61 November 2014
5The Very Late Goethe: Self-Consciousness and the Art of Ageing
Charlotte Lee
Germanic Literatures 523 April 2014
4German Narratives of Belonging: Writing Generation and Place in the Twenty-First Century
Linda Shortt
Germanic Literatures 48 June 2015
3Goethe's Visual World
Pamela Currie
Germanic Literatures 33 June 2013
2Sebald's Bachelors: Queer Resistance and the Unconforming Life
Helen Finch
Germanic Literatures 23 June 2013
1Franz Grillparzer’s Dramatic Heroines: Theatre and Women’s Emancipation in Nineteenth-Century Austria
Matthew McCarthy-Rechowicz 
Germanic Literatures 115 November 2017