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👤 Maryse Condé (1930-), Guadeloupean novelist

Maryse Condé and the Space of Literature
Eva Sansavior
Research Monographs in French Studies 321 June 2012

  • ‘This valuable contribution to francophone studies adds to the growing list of critical work on Maryse Condé... Drawing on real and imagined experiences, Sansavior brilliantly depicts the intersectional relationship between self, community, and writing in Condé’s autobiography, ascertaining that Condé employs autobiography as a subversive genre.’ — Simone A. James Alexander, French Studies 67.4, October 2013, 580-81
  • ‘Valuable testament to the unusual complexity of Maryse Condé’s work, her generic range, and the particularity of her status as a “global” writer who is at once representative and inimitable.’ — Dawn Fulton, Contemporary Women's Writing 8.1, March 2014, 115-16
  • ‘An eloquent and welcome addition to Condé scholarship and to efforts to rethink, rather than rule out, the possibilities for a re-engaged literary practice today.’ — Nicole Simek, New West Indian Guide 88, 2014, 207-09