Prismatic Translation
Edited by Matthew Reynolds
Transcript 107 January 2020

  • ‘Prismatic Translation is a book of delights … there is unquestionably something here for everyone with an interest in translation, whether as an art form, an object of study, a field for radical experiments, or indeed all of the above.’ — Sarah Ekdawi, Σύγκριση 29, 2020, 162-168 (full text online)
  • ‘'Prismatic' is a potent and productive metaphor for what translation can do and be, and the chapters collected in Prismatic Translation prove it. .. Just as the best translations resolve the tensions between philology and poetry, or acceptability and adequacy, these papers mediate between the demands of narrow and broad definitions of literary translation, illuminating intricacies of both text and context.’ — Lucas Klein, Translation Studies 12 Oct 2020 (full text online)