Books Recently Reviewed in MHRA Journals

Reviews published in October to December 1905

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MHRA journals have been reviewing new additions to the scholarly literature since 1905. This page lists the reviews published by us in the quarter October to December 1905, alphabetised by the first-named author or editor of the book being reviewed.

Betz, Louis P., La Littérature comparée. Essai bibliographique: reviewed by in MLR 1.1 (text at JSTOR)

Breton, André Le, Balzac, l'homme et l'œuvre: reviewed by in MLR 1.1 (text at JSTOR)

Breymann, H., Calderon-Studien. I Teil: Die Calderon-Literatur: reviewed by J. Fitzmaurice-Kelly in MLR 1.1 (text at JSTOR)

Gaehde, Christian, David Garrick als Shakespeare-Darsteller und seine Bedeutung für die heutige Schauspielkunst (Schriften der deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft, II): reviewed by in MLR 1.1 (text at JSTOR)

Jellinek, M. H., Friedrich von Schwaben: reviewed by R. Priebsch in MLR 1.1 (text at JSTOR)

Mead, W. E., The Squyr of Lowe Degre. A Middle English Metrical Romance: reviewed by F. Sidgwick in MLR 1.1 (text at JSTOR)

Moore, E., and Paget Toynbee, Tutte le Opere di Dante Alighieri: reviewed by Lonsdale Ragg in MLR 1.1 (text at JSTOR)

Perrett, Wilfrid, The Story of King Lear from Geoffrey of Monmouth to Shakespeare: reviewed by F. W. Moorman in MLR 1.1 (text at JSTOR)