Casimir Britannicus: English Translations, Paraphrases, and Emulations of the Poetry of Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski
Edited by Piotr Urbański and Krzysztof Fordoński
Critical Texts 2515 October 2010

  • ‘The anthology is a sound philological achievement which illustrates an important link between the mostly Protestant English and Scottish poets and their most famous Polish Catholic counterpart, a continuous poetic interest from the mid-seventeenth to the nineteenth century. ‘Casimir Britannicus’ thus becomes for us Sarbiewski rediscovered.’ — George Gömöri, Modern Language Review 107.3, July 2012, 1007-09 (full text online)
  • ‘In the well written and well-structured introduction to the volume ... Krzysztof Fordoński and Piotr Urbański identify six waves of Sarbiewski’s long-lasting popularity ... The editors did an excellent job in assembling this carefully thought out critical edition.’ — Robert Maryks, Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu July-December 2011, 758-59
  • ‘These days, enthusiasts of Neo-Latin poetry in general, and Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski (Sarbievius) in particular, are few and far between. Perhaps only they will recognize the great importance of this new anthology, but all who do take cognizance of it will receive it with gratitude.’ — Charles S. Kraszewski, Polish Review Fall 2008
  • ‘Casimir Britannicus is a landmark publication.’ — Anne Barbeau Gardiner, Sarmatian Review 30.1, January 2010, 1469-71

University Theses in Russian, Soviet, and East European Studies 1907–2006: A Centennial Bibliography of Research in the British Isles
Compiled and edited by Gregory Walker and J. S. G. Simmons
MHRA Bibliographies 31 March 2008

  • ‘This volume is a fascinating work in all kinds of ways. All scholars and researchers in the field are indebted to the labours of the compilers, Gregory Walker and the late John Simmons, for providing what will be an invaluable research aid ... In what it tells us ultimately of the workings of the human mind and spirit, this book is extraordinary...’ — Joe Andrew, Modern Language Review 104.1, 2009, 302-04 (full text online)

Breaking with Tradition: Belarusian Short Prose in the Early Twenty-First Century
Arnold McMillin
Publications of the Modern Humanities Research Association 2012 January 2018

  • ‘This book aims to show the powerful creative urges that continue to mark literature in Belarus, despite the continued denigration of the national language and culture. In this the author has succeeded magnificently.’ — Jim Dingley, Slavonic and East European Review 96.4, 2018, 770-71 (full text online)
  • ‘McMillin’s work makes an invaluable contribution to scholarship on Belarusian literature. Considering the difficulties with accessing the texts (often hard to find in print, as well as on the Internet), McMillin’s successful inclusion of these rare works in his analysis allows him to shed light not only on the writing of the more famous representatives of the Belarusian literary scene, but also on the subtle undercurrents of the literary process.’ — Palina Urban, Australian Slavonic and East European Studies 32, December 2018, 122-25